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With more than $6.5 TRILLION missing from the Pentagon and countless top secret deep underground military and government bases scattered across the United States, it’s clear that the deep state – or breakaway civilization – is taking our nation, and the world, in a very dangerous direction. Author Dr. Richard Sauder joins me to discuss his studied work in this area, work which has led Sauder to conclude, “This is a battle for the planet and the brood of vipers has set up its nest within the bowels of the so-called United States and so-called United States military and the associated alphabet soup agencies.” Please visit Richard’s site: Event Horizon Chronicle and if you want to donate to Richard, he could use and appreciates your help, Richard proudly accepts Bitcoin:   1Dht92qEzCmvuLRKQD2MSJ1JdQ7rFRMVdA

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  • KRELL427

    Excellent interview Sean, I have been reading Richard’s work for many years. One point he left out was when he was almost beaten to death by two thugs, most likely alphabet agency goons. that’s what happens when your research hits a nerve.

    • Moishe

      “Richard Sauder” hmmmmm, interesting name.

      Seems as if there are lots of Jews infiltrating life these days. Just a few I’ve noticed recently are:

      Arnold Palmer Jew
      Venus Williams Jew (darker, hehehe)
      Serena Williams Jew
      Brent Farve Jew
      Baron von Ricthofen Jew
      Elton Starbuck Jew (decaffienated)
      Jayne Mansfield Jew (decapitated)
      Peter Schiff Jew
      Chris Duane Jew (disrespectful)
      Andy Hoffman Jew
      Dumbo the Elephant Jew (C’mon people, WAKE UP!)
      Captain Smith Jew
      Captain Turner Jew
      Chief Officer Wilde Jew
      First Officer Murdoch Jew
      Second Officer LightollerJew
      Third Officer Pittman Jew
      Fourth Officer Boxhall Jew
      Fifth Officer Lowe Jew
      Sixth Officer Moody Jew
      The Jolly Green Giant Jew (garden variety)
      Vanilla Ice Jew
      IceCube Jew
      Ice-T Jew
      50-Cent Jew
      Tupac Jew
      Crazy Horse Jew
      Sitting Bull Jew
      SacaJEWiah Jew

      • Hymie Weiss

        Moishe & sg admins are gate keeping the original Moishe BANNED & Israeli Internet Defense replaced him posting nonsense. I guess they hate when Gentiles use their cryptoism in reverse.

  • tomche

    Terrific Interview Sean. Richard is obviously a wealth of knowledge and I would love a deeper dive -pardon the pun – into the missing trillions and the DUMBS, cities, etc.

  • Allender

    From Valentine’s Day, three years ago (the music is haunting!):

  • John Celee

    What Dr Sauder describes is NOT AN ALIEN ENTITY.
    What he and Sean do describe is the dark side of The Human Subconscious state.
    What the world is dealing with is simply a thousands of years old secret society at its head, hellbent on ruling the earth.
    No different from The Turkish Empire or The British Empire or The Nazi Empire.
    The sneaky secret society loves playing games with the human mind.
    After all, what else would they ‘get off’ on mentally apart from cult sex orgies and the child paedophilia and Blood Rituals , that frankly,have obviously taken a toll on the sanity of blood interbreeding.
    Now they have control of the Most powerful Nation in the World . The ability to print unlimited money.
    NO! These are detestable human freaks running their own TV Freak Show called The US Election using the media ‘they own.

    President George Bush Jnr was a bumbling MORON.So if thats the best the Secret Society could put forward they can be taken down.

    This is WHAT THEY ARE AFRAID OF! You might find out how STUPID they are at the top.Thatr they use other peoples brilliance to continue onwards. This is WHY they are information gathering on every person on the planet.THEY FEAR THE UNKNOWN!
    Their strength is they turn humanity against humanity. They even do it at the corporate company levels so staff all ending up in-fighting amongst themselves.They have been told by their well paid sociologists how to press the right buttons to tweak responses in the human psyche. Anyone really dangerous to them? Simple..they just kill them.
    ALIENS! Ha Ha Ha Ha You’ve gotta be Joking!
    As James Perloff said THERE IS A GOD-ONE TRUE GOD.
    Know ye not of one any religion, trying to hijack control , but the God of everything,watching,taking all this in.

    • Ed_B


      They might. Sure, they could have amazing tech but perhaps what they really need are a lot of grunts to use their high tech weapons in any wars that they might have going. Earth is a breeding ground for such creatures and with a population exceeding 7 billion, there are plenty of grunt trainees available. Best of all, they have been warring with each other for millennia, so are combat trained and battle tested. We used to call these “cannon fodder”. Perhaps in this new age, they will become known as “blaster fodder”.

  • Antony

    Great interview Sean! A wealth of information! I always keep myself grounded in the bible, so some things I am not so sure about, but it is nonetheless possible! Some mysteries from the bible have been discovered and are unfolding today! The bible in itself is a wealth of information! 🙂 I don’t read so many “christian” authors but I do like a few of them as in C.S. Lewis and A.W. Tozer to name a couple. A lot of truth is suppressed and hidden from the vast majority of people. Anyhow, great stuff! 🙂

    • Ed_B

      “A lot of truth is suppressed and hidden from the vast majority of people.”

      Yep… but only because it is just SO easy and profitable. 🙁

  • C.I.

    Myself…..a grain of salt.



    Enjoyed it Sean. “BEYOND TERRIFYING”

  • videoctr

    Many “what if” scenarios loom unanswered. What if “they” are terraforming the planet to their comfort level? As mentioned in the video, there are species-extinction level events now happening, and recently I heard there is oxygen depletion of our atmosphere. Has our government been seduced by the “dark side” in aligning itself with “them” for a few trinkets of technology? Is there an alien/human collaborative program in place?

    If UFO craft are classified as military assets, why would they fly over populated areas and violate FAA controlled airspace? (2006 Chicago airport, UFO hovered over concourse C. for instance) That is why I believe these craft that violate our airspace don’t care about our airspace and are indeed craft, “not from here”.

    The late Boyd Bushman, Lockheed scientist, has classified aliens as either “Rustlers”, or “Wranglers”. With that said, there may be aliens that have our best interest in mind, and those that don’t. That further raises the question, are we the cattle? It is scary to think about that.

    Our demise is that we will most likely not recognize the threats from within our very own government nor from the outside of government. The deep state remains unaccounted, and does not answer to “we the people”. The stealth coup of our nation that is currently underway, is a microcosm to the stated evil by the “alien/demonic” presence. They seem similar, both work in secret. Our normalcy bias will continue to cloud and limit our thinking. In the mean time the distractions continue as the end game plays out; depopulation, globalization, wars, destruction of wealth, destruction of freedoms and liberty.

    We remain yet stuck on naming the elusive enemy. “Demonic” or is it “alien” or is it both? Our points of reference are what we currently know. That in itself is a limiting factor and our weakness. We await more data. I would venture a guess, our own government is in way over it’s head on this matter and shall continue to hoodwink the tax paying public, as those in control descend further into the rabbit hole of the deep state. I too appreciate this report, Nicely highlighted “The breakaways” vs “stuck-in-place” population looking for answers.

    The last question is, can we handle the truth if it were to be revealed? Richard Dolan also expresses nicely the implications of disclosure. He would make a good followup interview on this subject, to carry the discussion on disclosure.

  • glitter 1

    “The only God is an unknowable(ineffable) universal FORCE” – Stephen Hawking Phd

    Dr Sauder,with all of his advanced degrees, basically says the same exact thing.

    The religion/philosophy of the Elite/Illuminati is “The Force” – John Todd/Kollins (Council of 13) They put it right in your face with The Star Wars Movies,per JT

    They know there is a Force/a Power that binds/holds together all matter,but they can’t figure it out,and they won’t.That’s why they built CERN,they are looking for that/The God Particle to unlock the mystery of the universe.There is something there controlling the power of attraction and we must find it!They know it’s there,it must be there because we can see it’s visible/verifiable effects.I would guess at this point they take have to take it by faith that it’s there,because they know it’s there even though they can’t see it/verify it physically or figure it out.
    Man is driven to discover this Ineffable Force on their terms,perhaps This Force is not ineffable and is only understood/revealed on it’s/his terms and just maybe it has been.

    2Ti 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    Keep looking,some things just have to be taken by faith.

    • Ed_B

      “The only God is an unknowable(ineffable) universal FORCE” – Stephen Hawking Phd

      Don’t forget that Hawking is also the guy who bet another astrophysicist that black holes do not exist. He lost. There are stellar phenomena that are ONLY explicable if black holes DO exist. Pulsars come to mind. Hawking is brilliant, no doubt, but he is also as human as anyone else.

  • Guido

    This breakaway civilization may very well explain why these criminals seem to have no fear of the angry hordes who will be calling for their heads in the not-too-distant future. They have their (literal) safe spaces to run off to, leaving the rest of us to destroy one another.

  • AgShaman

    A Masterpiece of an interview. I was gonna comment on my military and private contract service to these “bugs” they are speaking about.

    Waste of time for now, this is stand alone must hear stuff here.

    Thanks Sean, for willing to go outside the box and get into the muck.

    We will be looking for Richard

  • clambake

    It’s amazing to me as an observer that so many of you can add one and one but are unable to go to the next level and draw a conclusion from one times one.
    What is not so amazing to me is that many more of you are so internalised that all that you can do is attack those who dare to remove their heads from their navels.
    Your past and cultures, religions, archiological evidence is repleat, absolutely brimming with physical proof of what Dr Sauder (I just bestowed the title) has outlined in this interview.
    I’ve seen lots of evidence presented but this is about the closest I’ve heard someone come to exposing the actual situation.
    Using terms which blur cultural or religious concepts with technological or contempory tems that identify actual phenomena in the real physical universe starts a cultural/religious argument so those small minded, self rightious induviduals who are more interested in being right and defending your own ignorance – get back in your box, just zip it and listen – look and listen to those who are taking care of your best interests.
    This planet is in a struggle, the magnitude of which it knows not what of.
    It has been going on for millenia, since the planets ecosystem was destroyed some millions of years ago. In coming back from that catastrophic event and right up to modern times Earth was used as a dumping ground from the unwanted refugees and criminals of local planetary systems and a refuge of (for want of a better word) pirates until a government in this sector of the galaxy decided to use it as a prison.
    After the installation of the holding technology for spiritual beings other visitors re-discovered the planet and decided to anex it, a war broke out and left both sides relatively impotent so thorough was the devistation. This was the time leading up to the Egyptian era.
    They’ve been stuck here, well here and the moon and Mars and Venus, stuck in this star system.
    Those who came to anex Our Solar System, although much reduced in technical capacity at the time have used political espionage to set up a secret governing body through religious practice – Zionism. This was to prepare the populace for eventual assimilation however the illegal activity came to the notice of the galactic central council.
    We are now in a situation where the technology used to hold the inmates has captured many individuals from both the Warders or Watchers and the Interstella Invaders and it is still running at full speed but many of the installations are no longer manned or are serverely undermanned.
    The central galactic governing body has ruled this sector of the galaxy is now a neutral zone, a cease-fire exists. We have neutral observers policing the situation.
    Right now you have the best chance to shake the shackles of these overlords and the system they have installed.
    Richard is right – the only way they can win now is to kill you off. That was going to happen anyway, they mostly wanted our resources – water and minerals. They want DNA also but that can come from so few individuals that they probably already have what they want.
    Richard is also right about the other planets – Mars, Venus, Tiamat (one name for the now asteroid belt).
    The time frame being observed here is so long that to us it seems rediculous to consider but as sure as I draw breath this is true just look at all the evidence – archiological, religious, cultural, conspiracy news, UFOs.
    Why are they trying to dumb you down or destroy your DNA ? Flouride in water, GMOs, all the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, microwaves, the financil system.




    • clambake

      The system we live in has done it’s job.

      There may never be “free-range” humans again.

      ANARCHY (the archaic definition) is the only way out of this system which has been set up by the generational wealth which the established elite families of the world have amassed, regardless of their identification by “conspiracy theory” exponents or not they exist and have directed through a number of organisations for centuries and an increasing number of NGO’s over the 20th Century our course up to today.
      Putin who is probably our best contemporary hope, will not do what is required to hand freedom back to the people. JFK who was the Wests last real hope got shot for making a babie’s step towards it. The Easts last two belong to a religion which is the most reviled by the West, Islam, they are Giddafi and Sadam Hussein. That area of the world, the Middle East, is refuge to the last of the “free-range” humans, the last to get “the treatment” courtesy of the Zionist machine.

      There are a few basic steps we can take to rid ourselves of the parasitic wanna-be-rulers, the Archons, the non-producers. There will be two main groups who would outright oppose firstly the change and secondly the means of the change. The largest opposition to this would be those who misunderstand what Anarchy is, the word derived from Latin means no rulers, no-one telling you what to do or how to live. This does not preclude governance of any kind or of some type of order to society all it means is there is no elite management who “know best”, no-one controllng access to resourses (particularly natural occuring resourses – rain from the sky – the air we breathe – the sun which strikes the ground) which if any of you want to look at the Agenda 21 or the updated agenda for 2030 that the United Nations is pushing then you’ll see these are not wild claims.

      I can here the neigh sayers, those who stand to lose the most, those who would see themselves as a beneficiary of the current parasitic welfare/warfare system, I can hear all of them getting very agitated at these words. Well, read on and see what we can do about them.

      1. Outlaw companies. Very simple, no more companies. All business conducted by “Association” (by a group of individuals) delivers full responsibility for the totallity of all decisions made by the group or any individual member of that group to each party of the group of the “Associated” members. This means each individual bares the brunt of the law for each other member and in a trusting society this is a very resonable and sure means of self regulation through action and consequence. I can hear many decrying this as outragious, I suggest that those scoffing the loudest know themselves, only too well.
      The current system’s indoctrinated “loose morel standards” abrogate responsibility and allows a psychosis to enter management where decisions are made – “for the good of the company” and what is a company ? simply a piece of paper in a filing cabinet in some office somewhere.
      To ensure the above, there is a next logical and important step in breaking the back of the parasitic drain placed on responsible individuals by those who are short on morals but long on expectations and currency; and that is to mandate that individuals and/or entities in dispute represent themselves in law. No more “legal” representation. Outlaw the use of representation in matters of resolution and by extension lawyers from representing others at mediation or any tribunal of higher consequence, “legal representation” must return to “legal advice” and it can only advise those who are present, if you are not present then you must forfiet. Thus a piece of paper, which is all that a company is cannot stand up and speak for itself nor can the once vaunted “legal representation”.
      These minor actions will see the end to the endless company within company within company anonimity of the psycopaths who’s game it is to extract the most return through the least effort from those who stand in front of them.

      2. Patents ownership is probably the largest mechanism the powers that be have to control the finances, medical and pharmaceutical industries, military inovation, information transfer and personal freedoms of our current community. Patents should only be owned by the inventor(s), only the actual brains of the ideas in the patents and definitely not the sponsors, investors, companies or countries regadless of agreed contracts or assistance given. I am not saying that these institutions not be compensated for the investment however the inventor must be paid directly for the use of the idea by any use of their idea through a mandated percentage, how that is done bares some lengthy discusion but that discusion must be had and the determination must be in favour of the inventor. When the Inventor dies the idea is public property. There will be some who disagree with this, listen attentively and identify those who regard this as a blasphemy they are the ones who seek to profit either by owning the patent for production or by owning it to hide it so their other patented Items are produced and used. This measure along with the above move will free humanity from the bonds of slavery installed through years of small incursions into our freedoms and allow pure use of ideas to direct investment and further creativity.

      3. The financial system of the world needs an overhaul. There are enough civilisations gone by the wayside since the Romans to serve as an example that a debt based economy is eventually a dead economy.
      There should be no more Usery. The total interest is must be in the contract from the start and we could take a leaf out of the Hebrew texts and initiate a shemitah year, i.e. contract for finance expirey after 7 (seven) years irrespective of amount or borrower. This bares no discussion, it’s a no-brainer. The current system is controlled by, for all intnents and purposes, overlords who issue printed paper and call it money. It is distributed at very little cost to the issuer and is only value once it is issued. The value behind the currency does not exist, the issuer does not have the wealth represented by the currency but they charge interest on it’s use. We the tax-payer are fleeced for using a piece of paper which has no inherent value and which was invented out of thin air.
      We need a commodity based medium of exchange which cannot be invented but which is actually backed by a quantity of wealth heald in trust for the community. Gold, Silver and Copper is a good start for a potential wealth backed currency but there are many other possibilities.

      4. We are all created equal and so the individual is the highest order in law. The rights of the individual should be inviolate by any other individual, group or nation. The US Constitution does go a long way towards establishing this maxim but it is still quite restricted. This next action will be the most contentious to many however it also must be enacted for true freedom, that is that each man “of good heart and good intent” should have the right to dispense justice as he sees fit and be accountable to a quorum of his peers, irrespective of their title, creed, race, religion, age or gender. Again I can imagine many people exclaiming exasperatedly at this idea “is this guy crazy ?” and probably rightly so, we are coralled by the news headlines which explode with fear mongering to keep us in that “on the edge” frame of mind. Just forget the main stream media for a moment, look at those around you, friends, family, neighbours, we are a community of generally sane individuals who know right from wrong. With this provision, we can only become a more sane community, particularly if and when those that act in rightousness are upheld. Only those who have a fear of being judge by their peers for percieved wrongs may feel hunted and vote this down.

      5. Taxation used as a punishment as it is in todays world has outlived it’s own need. Tax is not a medium for redistrobution of wealth from the silent majority to loud minorities which the current system of government expounds at each election and carries out by “mandate” through the various commities and groups wo benefit most by skimming a management fee, we do not need this. Government and thus taxation should have the very minimum impact on individual income, people should have the money they earn and distribute it to the areas which they see fit.
      How much tax to levy against the population ? This is very easy to work out – divide GDP by the current tax take would give a tax rate on personal income and also a consumption based tax on expenses, there would be no personal income deductions in this scenario however individuals operating in “Association” would be able to claim consumption tax credits on expenses accrued by the business carried out. No need for complicated accounting.
      In most Western Nations this would work out to be between 3% and 5%. Assuming the above points are in place it would cost much much less to run a government.

      6. Government would be on a staggered jury based system of appointment possibly with an opt out clause which is drawn from local level and then with non-compulsory election to state level. National governance can be through a “watchdog” or oversight commitee of representatives from the state level. All agreements made by any member of government at any level, expire with the tenure of the participants. Nothing stopping future members adoption past successful treaties or decisions however nothing binding to future government by past members. This would ensure compassionate and ethical decisions, ridding the community of the psycopathic “human rights” think. This measure will insist that an individualistic approach to living within the group will pervade our community.

      Many institutions of modern society would perish in this environment and good riddance to the likes of the stock market and all associated parasites wo rape the Earth of commodities; good bye all the “industrial complexes” that medle in the health affairs of us all but do not actually do anything to improve our collective health; good luck to all perpetrators of heinous crime; cya later to the current education system and finally to all those government “groups” who manage the distribution of welfare like the pimps that they are. We will see how you get along trying to convince individuals to donate there cash to your privately run “welfare management” groups. We’ll get to see where each and every one of us wants their hard earned dollars spent.

      We are now in unicorn-fairy land, the population is so dependent on this system which they hate so much, they cannot conceive such Anarchy.
      Trusting your neighbour to this degree went out with Adam.
      We are the slaves that we agree to be.

  • FirstExile

    Dr. Souder, thank you for what you do for humanity. The truth and those who expose it will always be crucified. You are a rare hero on this earth. Sean, I commend you sir. I’ve been following you since SGT launched and humbled by your awakening and relentless search for truth. You’ve been instrumental in my own personal awakening and for that, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Every day, week, month and year, you are pealing back a little more of the wrapper of lies that covers the truth.

    Years ago, I didn’t believe in aliens or UFOs visiting this planet but after having witnessed one myself over the Pacific Ocean levitating a hump back whale right out of the sea and subsequently having studied the topic, it’s clear there is an alien agenda at work, who’s aim isn’t entirely clear but it’s my current opinion, subject to future evidence to the contrary, that they are analyzing, cataloging and documenting life on earth, possibly ahead of some disaster that will devastate vast swaths of life. It’s clear NASA is hiding evidence of civilizations on the moon, Mars, Titan and elsewhere, that they’ve known about for decades.

    I believe separate from the alien agenda, is evil – Satan himself. Recalling he offered Jesus the kingdoms of the earth signified his reign and power over it, which continues to this day. The earth is to an extent, Satan’s domain. Awareness of the spiritual battle and its crescendo in our time, is crucial not only to the survival of our species and physical bodies, but to our eternal souls. Thank you again Sean and Dr. Sauder for sacrificing yourselves as forerunners of the great awakening. I am with you. The remnant of truth seekers are with you. Fight on.

  • Loquito

    Always great work Sean. From the statement of Dr. Richard Sauder about our solar system. Here some more info from Micheal Tsaion. Who has done a lot of work about our history.

    Lost Planet of Tiamat

    Or his whole series, Michael Tsarion – Origins & Oracles

    Part 1

    Michael Tsarion – Architects of Control

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