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Debate Post-Mortem: Trump Crushes Clinton – “You Should Be In Jail”

from Zero Hedge:

From the no-handshake start, following the most awkward Bill-Melania pre-debate greeting, it was clear the gloves were off. While Trump started apologetically, once Clinton opened up ad hominem character attacks, The Donald turned it up to ’11’. Lashing out at Bill’s indiscretions “his actions are worse than words”, Hillary’s lying “you should be in jail… I will call for a special prosecutor”, and the biases of the moderators“it’s one of three here”even the crowd cheered.. before being quickly shushed. Online polls, unbiased commentators, and the Mexican Peso agreed Trump won.

A picture paints a thousand words…

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1 comment to Debate Post-Mortem: Trump Crushes Clinton – “You Should Be In Jail”

  • Guido

    It’s clear that Zero Hedge was pushing this article to get posted post-debate, which is understandable. The quotes from Trump put forth in the article were quick transcriptions and loaded with errors. He sounded much more coherent than this.

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