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CRIMINAL PAPER: Silver Price Slam = Silver Shortages = Great Time to Buy

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota,

ED. NOTE: Bix Weir tells SGT Report that 1.63 BILLION ounces of paper silver have “traded” in the last 4 days on the Comex, and  another 2.16 BILLION ounces were transferred at the LBMA in the last 4 days  (more of an estimate as they only post net transfers)

That’s a combined total of 3.79 BILLION ounces of paper silver, nearly FIVE TIMES the amount of physical metal that will be mined globally in 2016.

As Bix notes, it’s “just a big game.” Here’s Bix:

Unbeknownst to the silver market “so called” regulator, the CFTC, the silver market has once again proven that artificial price suppression leads to metal shortages.

The latest price slam of silver over the last few days has caused a Silver Shortage on the Retail level with dealers running out of product, premiums skyrocketing and the US Mint selling more than 1 million Silver Eagles in a single day. Within the next few days the US Mint will likely RUN OUT of silver and start their “rationing program” once again.

Yes, totally and completely contrary to anything resembling a “free market” in silver. When there is a shortage of metal the prices are supposed to RISE to clear the imbalance. By definition, falling availability when prices fall sharply is a sign of artificial manipulation but we all know the CFTC drill by now. “I see Nothing!” is their mantra at these times.

My advice…walk down to your local silver shop and Buy, Buy, Buy what they have left on the shelves.

This slam happening DURING the implosion of the Global Fiat Monetary System serves one purpose and one purpose only…for JP Morgan to totally close out their silver paper/electronic short position on the COMEX right before the “silver moonshot.”

This latest slam is a clear sign that we are very, very close to the long awaited breakdown of the silver manipulation!

NOTE: More revelations about Deutsche Bank are breaking now that I discuss in today’s Collapse/Transition Update (Private Road Members):

You must understand that this is a planned and orchestrated Take Down by the Good Guys and there will be no White Knight coming to aid Deutsche Bank in the end…no matter what you hear in the mainstream media. The US controllers are making sure of that and THEY were the one’s that started the ball rolling with the $14B fine levied against the world’s most systemically weak bank!!

It’s just so obvious now.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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