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Cashless Society, UN Agenda 2030 & The Rise of the Beast System

from Jason A:

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2 comments to Cashless Society, UN Agenda 2030 & The Rise of the Beast System

  • videoctr

    Things don’t look so good as the puzzle pieces come together. I feel like cattle being pushed through the gates to the slaughter house. While some of the cows believe, no, no, everything is fine, don’t worry. It would be-hooove you to Moooove along. Don’t worry, we are taken care of. They love you. The reality is they will love us rare, medium, and well done.

    As Trump said, Hillary is a snake. Hillary has a public and a private stance on issues.

    Some of the cows say, “She is for education, I’m a teacher. I will vote for her.”
    Some of the cows say, “I’m a black cow, She will take care of black cows better.”
    Some of the cows say, “She’s a cow like me! I’m with her.”

    No, She is a snake! She will always be a snake.
    She will take us to war.
    She has aligned herself with the globalists.
    She will not even wear a flag pin to fake it.

    She cares more about power and position. She hates America and the people while attempting to wear the cloak of caring and concern. She is a phony. She has done nothing in 30 years of government service. She is a disaster and that is the path she has for us as a nation. With every ounce of strength she has she will lie, cheat, and claw and cling her way to be president.

    The stealth coup d’ etat is underway. We need a miracle to save us.

    Besides, she smells like a demon.

  • Ed_B

    “Besides, she smells like a demon.”

    There’s a reason for that… she IS a demon. This is why I refer to her as ‘Hellery’.

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