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Can These Men Stop the Next Great War Before it Starts?

from The Wealth Watchman:

No one can deny that Julian Assange and Donald Trump are doing the masses an incredible service right now. The unrelenting email dumps(11 thus far) in the #PodestaEmail saga, have woken up people around the world, as to the true nature of the criminal syndicate, that is Washington, DC.

Recent events though have unfortunately taken a turn for the worse, regarding Syria.  As Putin and Assad continue to finish off Israel/Saudi/US puppet terrorists in Aleppo, the dreams of US hegemony(and a Saudi/Qatar natural gas pipeline) in the area are are vanishing. The cabal is now trapped in a corner, and we know how deadly a trapped rat can be.

The Cabal’s Plan

Hillary Clinton, a puppet of Soros, the Rothchilds, and the banks, has declared several times in the recent Presidential debates, that she intends to institute a “no-fly” zone in Syria, in order to stop Russian planes from doing their job: killing terrorists threatening the Syrian people.  Remember, the democratically elected Assad government has invited Russia(NOT the United States) to have any military presence in Syria to begin with.

The US presence in Syria is illegal, dangerous, and helpful only to the mass murdering terror groups that have raped that country.  Putin has saved the Assad regime, and now threatens to end the last remaining strongholds of ISIS and Al-Nusra, which I’ve shown before, were creations of Western powers, to overthrow Assad.

Hillary Clinton is the “hail mary” of the cabal, and make no mistake, the no-fly zone would constitute an act of aggression, a live-fire threat to Russia and Assad both.  This plan, should it go forward, would put the US and Russia on a collision course, which could turn into a larger regional, or actual world war.

“Watchman, there you go with hyperbole again!  You’re blowing this way out of proportion.”

No, I’m not.

Putin has issued warning after warning to the US government, and to any concerned US citizens wishing to stop them, that instituting a no-fly zone would be considered an act of war against Russia.

He has started taking proactive measures to ensure the Russia people would be safe in such a conflict.  Recent headlines prove he’s taking extreme pro-active measures against a war(perhaps nuclear war) with the United States. Headlines such as this:

40 Million Russians To Take Part In “Nuclear Disaster” Drill, Days After US General Warns Of War With Moscow


This was the largest ‘nuclear war’ drill perhaps in world history, which 30% of the country took part in.  It lasted 4 days, and cost untold sums of money to orchestrate.  Putin is the leader of his people, and can’t afford not to take Hillary’s promise of a “no-fly zone” very seriously.

If that wasn’t enough though, he also recently made this public order:


Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, as tensions mount over the prospect of a global war


“Ok, Watchman, so he’s issuing hints that he thinks war with the US is coming, he hasn’t publicly said that though, has he?”

Funny you should say that. Putin just days ago, issued a dire warning that should put a chill up your spine! He believes Trump may be the last chance for peace between nuclear superpowers.


Putin’s Dire Warning in Context

Everyone who watches the real news from alternative websites, knows that Putin hasn’t been ‘looking for war’ or ‘aggressively expanding Russia’.  He’s been responding to existential threats to the Russian nation and Russian sovereignty, by NATO, the US, and globalist power structures everywhere.

The US Empire and NATO though, are turning up the heat in Syria now.  They’re starting to bring sanctions against Russia again, recently shutting down the bank account of RT news network in the UK.  They’re starting to issue calls for ‘boots on the ground’, in Syria.  The banking cabal has been thwarted by Putin in Syria for 4 years, and now, with a Hillary Presidency, they’d finally be ready to start a real shooting war with Russia.

Putin has bought us all valuable time, by brokering peace in Georgia, in Crimea, in Donetsk, in Syria.  Especially in Syria.  That war should’ve broken out with the cabal during Labor Day of 2013, but Putin stymied the globalists after their false flag chemical attack.

Wikileaks’ Revelations Wearing Clinton Down

The “sex tape” talk played against Trump, has played itself out.  The fake Trump accusers, have now been disproven.  Hillary has shot her “October Surprise” against Trump too early, and yet, the daily drip, drip, dripping of Wikileaks is again reminding the independents and millennials, of how odious she really is. That is why John Kerry recently applied greater pressure against Ecuador’s government to shut off Assange’s internet access.

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