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by Ryan Cristian, The Last American Vagabond:

Despite the nation-wide majority clearly calling for some type of cannabis law reform, as well as the abolishment of the spectacular failure that is the war on drugs(or success, depending on which side of the elite scale you’re on), the DEA showed its true quisling colors by choosing to ignore their specific mandate as a federal agency: to protect the American people by enforcing federal drug laws (which many see as unconstitutional in and of themselves) while adjusting those of which the public sees fit to adjust. That is the primary obligation of any governmental agency operating within a democratic republic, or at least a nation masquerading as one; to see into fruition the majority will of the American people. Honestly ask yourself, is that what you think is happening?

With the DEA’s recent reiteration of their absurd claim that cannabis has “zero medical value,” despite the now widely known federal government patent held for the medical use of cannabis, many have awoken to the glaring fact that most of these government institutions(if not all) have long since been procured by corporate interests, at the very real and tangible expense of the American people. When considering the above claim that cannabis has no medical properties, hence, must remain alongside the likes of heroin and LSD as a schedule one substance, the patent below becomes absurdly hypocritical and clearly demonstrates that the health and protection of Americans is not their primary concern:

“The patent (US6630507) is titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” and was awarded to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in October 2003.” – Leaf Science


This will be no surprise to most. However, for those who see this as a newly discovered example of the outrageous levels of hypocrisy to which the US government will allow itself to reach, it might very well be the preverbal straw that broke the drug mule’s back. Putting aside for the moment the many different cancer cures that have been intentionally stifled over the years, and the ongoing control thatbig pharma has over medical and scientific research, and the medical profession itself, those behind the curtain have decided to throw the people a bone, however hollow that bone might be.

With the American people doing their own research, and finally beginning to question the motives behind the overt corruption within American government, they are now beginning to rediscoveredholistic remedies that can actually cure a patient. With this no doubt being a major concern for those wishing to maintain a lifetime of slight illness for the American public with continual treatment by way of pharmaceutical infusion, a brand new(not likely) “FDA-approved cancer-fighting drug” has just hit the market.

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