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As Flint Water Crisis Unfolded, Pharma Company Raised Price Of Lead Poisoning Drug 2,700 Percent

by Justin Gardner, Activist Post:

The saga of Flint, Michigan, where residents suddenly found themselves drinking lead-poisoned tap water, demonstrated how people become victims of corrupt government. If that weren’t enough, those who suffer the worst from lead poisoning find themselves the victim of shameless corporate greed.

As the Flint water crisis unfolded and we began finding out that lead-tainted water is a problem in cities across the country, one notorious pharmaceutical company saw a chance to cash in.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals raised the price of a drug used to treat lead poisoning by 2,700 percent after acquiring the drug in 2013. By 2015 – as the issue of lead poisoning became prominent news – the price for a package of vials rose from $950 to $26,927.

This intravenous treatment, called Calcium EDTA, has been available for decades at a stable price, and is the most effective for severe and life-threatening cases of lead poisoning. The dramatic price increase has drawn the ire of poison control specialists and hospitals since it began, but their concerns don’t make the MSM news headlines.

“This is a drug that has long been a standard of care, and until recently it was widely accessible at an affordable price,” said Dr. Michael Kosnett, an associate clinical professor in the division of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine and a consultant to the California Poison Control System, who has contacted Congress. “There’s no justification for the astronomical price increases by Valeant, which limit availability of the drug to children with life-threatening lead poisoning.”

The problem is, the drug does not have a long shelf life and is not needed in large quantities, since severe lead poisoning is relatively uncommon. This is precisely the excuse Valeant gives for its egregious price hikes, with a company spokesman telling STAT, “The list price increases over the past several years have enabled us to provide to the market consistent availability of a product with high carrying costs and very limited purchase volume of 200 to 300 units per year.”

The greed of Valeant Pharmaceuticals – which does little more than buy up other pharma companies and raise drug prices – was celebrated by Wall St. for two years until an accounting scandal and congressional hearings began tarnishing its image.

In October 2015, we reported that Valeant raised prices on a number of critical brand-name drugs by an average of 66 percent — five times as much as its closest industry peers. These included Cuprimine, a decades-old drug that treats an inherited disorder called Wilson disease, and a diabetes drug called Glumetza.

Valeant relies on insurance companies and government programs to shield most patients from the skyrocketing costs, but this leads to higher premiums and co-payments, as well as an extra burden on taxpayers.

Doctors have complained to federal officials about the astronomical prices hikes for the lead-poisoning drug and others acquired by Valeant, but the problem is they are complaining to the very State that enables such exploitation through patent monopolies and barring drug imports from other countries.

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2 comments to As Flint Water Crisis Unfolded, Pharma Company Raised Price Of Lead Poisoning Drug 2,700 Percent

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Calcium EDTA is available from various sources (but if it’s labeled as “medical” it will cost much more money). If you search enough, you can find it for about $50/kilogram. It is used in many products, even found in mayonnaise etc.

    It is known as a chelation or chelating agent. It strongly binds to lead molecules in the body, also binds with mercury (Hg), but other things do better on mercury (Hg)…such as Cilantro !

    Doctors who perform “chelation therapy” are hated by the CDC & AMA, and risk losing their license, but it has proven effective against plaques in the arteries, heart disease, etc. I think it is more commonly performed in Japan & other nations that are not under the control of USA big pharma, etc.

    “Calcim EDTA” is the safe one. The standard EDTA (without calcium), has been found to remove SO much calcium from the body SO quickly, that some patients DIED of “calcium depletion heart attacks” on the table. There are BODY DETOX pills, colon cleanse, etc, that also contain Ca-EDTA.

    There are various detoxing & chelation agents to help remove toxic metals and RADIOACTIVE contamination from the body. Along with the Ca-EDTA, there is “Prussian Blue” (you can make it cheaply, or buy it, also sold as PAINT PIGMENT) it is famous for removing CESIUM from the body.

    Other radiation detox (along with cilantro spice), there is MALIC Acid (also known as fruit pectin), and other items I cannot recall at this moment. In Japan, they go crazy for MISO soup for radiation patients, and seem to have some good luck with that.

    Stay away from ANYTHING that involves KELP (Seaweed) because those things absorb radiation from ocean water- FUKUSHIMA iodine 131, etc. It may KILL you with radioactive particles to be eating SALMON fish, tuna, clams,shrimp, sardines, mackerel, etc from the Pacific ocean.

    And I’d stay away from products from Hawaii too (fish, Kona Coffee, etc)

    Keep in mind, if you are taking any “chelating agents”, that they will also deplete some of the GOOD chemicals/trace elements from your body at the same time.

    For anybody who is gonna get a “test for heavy metals”, if you’re gonna do a “urine test”, you really should eat a good bunch of CILANTRO, about 6 hours BEFORE you give a URINE sample= BECAUSE Mercury (Hg) is “bound up- binding” in the body with other things, and will NOT show up in the urine, unless you BREAK it loose from it’s hiding places. Eat the cilantro, give the urine test, and watch the lab go CRAZY to see how much mercury you really have.

    If your tests come back “negative” after you ate the cilantro? Then you really don’t have it in your system.

    Wisdom for idiots? There are ALWAYS some idiots who OVER DO things. If a little bit is healthy, then a LOT of it is more healthy, eh? Look at the idiot who was taking all the doses of “colloidal silver” that his skin turned blue-gray. The kids called him Pappa Smurf.

    Mega doses of anything is not considered healthy. Balance is healthy.

  • Steelerdude

    Somebody seriously needs to walk by that headquarters and make sure its not on fire….

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