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A2A with Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

We welcomed a new guest to A2A this week, Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante, for a wide-ranging discussion of centered around the ongoing collapse of the global financial system the end of The Great Keynesian Experiment.

Listeners will quickly realize that, unbeknownst to Jeff, he’s a Turdite at heart! Much of what we discuss in this podcast and what he covers at The Dollar Vigilante is right along the lines of the focus of TFMR. Namely, The End of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us and we all need to prepare accordingly. To that end, some of the topics covered include:

the current state of the financial system, including Brexit and DB
the value of owning physical gold and silver
the rationale behind holding Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies
the idea of Shemitah and Debt Jubilee
and much, much more.

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1 comment to A2A with Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante

  • jj

    It is simply nonsense that all fiat currencies will collapse and the dollar is not going anywhere soon but up.This guy has no experience trading any financial market but yet makes forecasts on these very same markets. People have been predicting a dollar and a Dow collapse for 3 years and it hasn’t happened and it won’t. This people simply do not understand international capital flows. Actually we do not have zero interest rates here in the US. As for Deutsche Bank it is it’s clearing operation in the brokerage division that clears not only stocks but “listed” derivatives which are options, futures, forwards, etc. As far as their “unlisted” or OTC derivatives, a financial analyst out of London dug into them and found the contracts underwritten were in fact hedged but due to German accounting standards, they list the total notional amount and don’t separate the contracts from the hedged amounts. Also if you look at the Target 2 imbalances of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, capital is flooding from the south to German banks. So much so that some banks started to charge customers to slow the capital flight down. People and entities are moving capital there because they feel when the euro collapses they will receive German marks. They are also exchanging euros for dollars which has created a dollar shortage in Europe. So much for that dollar collapse. This is typical of people on the net who read crap and then turn around and repost the nonsense without doing underlying research.
    Crypto currencies have been hacked so his statement that it cannot be confiscated is nonsense. Also at some point you are going to sell your crypto currency for cash as the majority of people and firms don’t want it and that is not going to change anytime soon. He claims that the transaction can’t be traced but this is also utter nonsense. With the right software all transactions, including cryptos), and all communications can be tracked. Also because a percentage of people use these currencies for illegal transactions, once you purchase one you immediately come under the radar of law enforcement and they monitor everything you do on line. He claims that all fiat currencies, (not backed by anything), will collapse but here he is promoting a currency that is not backed by anything either and on top of that it is dependent on not only a pc but internet service and electricity. This is just total nonsense.
    Now the shemitah and the debt jubilee when you look at it from a historical prospective has no meaning whatsoever. The jubilee is not every seven years but 15 from the Book of Leviticus.
    His statement that he is being watched because of his “knowledge” he puts out is also nonsense as it is all BS. If he is being monitored it is simply because he purchased crypto currencies and they are looking to see if he is making illegal transactions.
    It is interesting that when a question was asked about feedback loops pertaining to financial markets he simply didn’t know and that is because he has no experience in trading any market. I will give you a good example of a feedback loop. Most of last week at the start of the afternoon trading session in London, currency traders were shorting the hell out of the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses causing dollar strength equating to across the board commodity weakness including gold and silver. Tuesday the traders in London pushed the EUR/USD cross down thru the 1200 level and the traders at the Comex realized that they were creating more dollar strength and piled on the shorts riding price weakness back down. The London traders drove price down to around the 1150 level and when London closed NY traders pushed the cross back up to the 1230 level. Something interesting happened though as usually when there is short term dollar weakness the HFT algos drive price up at the Comex, wait for dollar strength to return and then add shorts and ride price weakness back down. They held pat and when the London traders again pushed the cross thru the 1200 level again, the traders added more shorts and rode price weakness in gold back down again. The London traders actually drove the cross down to around the 1100 level. This is your typical feedback loop as one market, this time currencies, actually effects the price of another market, the Comex and other futures commodities exchanges. By the way that is also why crude futures prices collapsed last week. It is simply about international capital flows that causes price movement!

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