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Why Spanking Does Not Work | Elizabeth Gershoff and Stefan Molyneux

from Stefan Molyneux:

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1 comment to Why Spanking Does Not Work | Elizabeth Gershoff and Stefan Molyneux

  • Ed_B

    Most of the people I know who were not spanked as children grew up to become complete doofuses. A deserved spanking (not a beating) works well when delivered properly and for real cause. Some kids do not need spanking and can learn all they need from discussing their errors and getting them to agree not to do them again. But others are extremely willful and disobedient. If they are not spanked, they believe that there are no limits and they can do whatever they want without repercussions. I know. We have 2 children and ended up with one of each type.

    The trick in spanking is to reserve it for times when it is specifically and properly applicable. That a parent is ready and willing to apply such punishment when rules are broken means that a parent rarely ever has to resort to it. Just knowing that it is a possibility will keep most children from doing bad or harmful things. I was spanked seldom as a child but because my father was ready and willing to spank meant that when he spoke I listened and did as he said. I did the same with my kids. All of us turned out to be fine adults, due in no small part to our respect for our fathers and his ability to keep things in hand.

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