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While America Partied On Labor Day: ” Obama Initiated Another MAJOR Redistribution Of Wealth”

by Jeremiah Johnson, SHTFPlan:

Akin to a broken record, the Obama administration is “working” overtime, over the Labor Day weekend while the oblivious population continues to “enjoy its vacations,” mindless to what is occurring around them.  The broken record played before in this manner: with Obamacare being signed into law in 2010 just before the weekend, and the NDAA being signed by Obama via autopen while vacationing in Hawaii on New Year’s Eve of 2014.  The TPP was concluded over the weekend.  This is the new norm for the government: do as little as possible during the regular workweek, as “Dudley Do-Nothing,” and then morph into Snidely Whiplash over the weekend to unleash new, exciting, terrifying regulations and laws on the subjects (citizens, if you wish).

This past weekend was no different, yet worse.  Saturday, September 3rd Obama attended the G-20 summit being held in China.  An article out of AFP written by Andrew Beatty and Tom Hancock entitled US, China Join Climate Deal in ‘Turning Point’ for Planet  A turning point it is indeed, with focus placed upon the United States.  Here is an excerpt that glowingly lauds Obama’s actions:

Obama and his Chinese counter-part Xi Jinping handed ratification documents to UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who said he was now optimistic the agreement will be in force by the end of this year.  At a ceremony in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, Obama said climate change would “define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other challenge”. History would show that the Paris deal would “ultimately prove to be a turning point”, he said, “the moment we finally decided to save our planet”.  “There’s an American saying: You need to put your money where your mouth is. That’s what we’re doing.”

He handed the “ratification documents” right over to the UN.  The article goes on to describe how the United States was going to hold itself responsible for the “lion’s share” of the world’s pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  Here are some more parameters:

In its Paris commitment, the US promised to cut its own emissions 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.  For its part the White House is looking for the Paris accord to come into force during Obama’s tenure, in part to burnish his climate legacy, but also to ensure it is not derailed by the forthcoming US election.

So, what is happening?  Obama has initiated another major redistribution of wealth, in this case to “developing third-world nations” in order to “take responsibility” for being one of the world’s major polluters…and “help” those nations to curb their own emissions. Coincidentally, the cited piece shows other reasons this is being done: to make Obama look “good” to the blind (“burnish his climate legacy), and d

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