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What Will Be the Next False Flag?

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the London Subway Bombings and the events of 9/11, nothing ever changes. The public is looking at either a massive series of cover-ups or unwarranted secrecy with regard to the evidence leading to each crime.

The ink is dry on each on of these investigations, however, the government still withholds the evidence from public scrutiny like we are a bunch of little children too emotionally fragile to handle the truth. In each case, the actions of the government, related to needless secrecy, invites conspiracy theories. Therefore, once again, I add my voice in unison with the other voices who demand transparency in order that the public can determine if they agree with the government’s findings in each one of these cases.

The Clinton Campaign Is Falling Apart

It is appropriate that on the anniversary of the 911 false flag event that we take stock of the topic of false flag events.

Clinton is on death’s doorstep. She cannot physically compete with Donald Trump in a debate. I estimate, from honest polls, that she is behind, in real votes, by at least 25-30%. However, with massive voter fraud that looms over this election, that may not be enough. However, if the Trump lead continues to grow over the couple of weeks, there will be a false flag attack that will stop the election and return Obama to the White House.

What Form Will the Next False Flag Take?

1. Will we see a repeat of 911? Will we have the newest day that will live in infamy in which we lost over 3,000 countrymen and 15 years later, the victim’s families have still not received closure because the facts are being held under lock and key by the government.

We will experience a cyber-attack upon our infrastructure and economic institutions? After all, in the Grid EX drills,we allowed the Russians and the Chinese to observe. In effect we handed them the keys to the car and showed them how to take down our grid. A grid down scenario would indeed bring our country to a standstill and provide the globalists an excuse to cancel the elections.

Will the next attack be nuclear, chemical or biological? Certainly, the CIA created ISIS has the ability to secure such weapons. This is a completely believable set of scenarios. I detailed nearly four years ago that a retired FEMA agent went into hiding with like-minded people because of what they felt was going to happen. In his departing message to me, he was quite clear, if the globalists cannot control the citizens of this country they were going unleash horrible weapons of mass destruction and blame the latest terrorist organization. We know that ISIS has been streaming into the country among the immigrants in the Refugee/Resettlement program. It is only a matter of time.

On this anniversary of 911, I think it is appropriate to keep asking question of the administration. Our insistence on the truth may buy us sometime for our eventual fate.

An Unacceptable Outcome

Here we sit, 15 years later, with many more questions than answers from that modern day of infamy. I refuse to forget and I refuse to accept the government’s arrogance with regard to not feeling the need to be forthcoming. The government’s arrogance fuels conspiracy theories through the withholding of critical evidence which would help the American public determine if the government is indeed telling the truth about the events of 9/11.

Once again, I am addressing this heinous conspiracy on behalf of the approximately 3,000 grieving families as well as the American people that deserves to be told the truth.

I have serious doubts about the validity of the findings of the 9/11 Commission. The findings are neither complete nor completely believable in their present form. Here is a brief and partial summary of my continued unanswered questions related to 9/11 that I want answered.

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2 comments to What Will Be the Next False Flag?

  • anon

    “What Will Be the Next False Flag?”

    Excellent question, because YOU KNOW it’s coming…

    The ONLY good thing now, in 2016, is that more people, probably than ever before in modern times, are aware of what is going on, thanks to the Internet. (However, if they don’t know what ‘Jew’ World Order means, then, I’d say they haven’t fully awakened).

    The Daily Bell calls it ‘The Internet Reformation’, placing it [the Internet, and its impact on society] on par with the Gutenburg Press of the mid-1400’s and the Protestant Reformation, which allowed for the mass-producing of the Bible, and making it available for the average person to read. Yes, the mind-control/mental-enslavement of humanity has been going on, for a VERY long time.

    Interesting, like the George Soros of our times, there was a man named Cardinal Gasparo Contarini, a VENETIAN ‘Jew’, who both supported Martin Luther, and the Protestant Reformation, while he ALSO supported Marrano or ‘Converso’ ‘Jew’ Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The VENETIAN ‘Jews’ were extremely skilled at using the Hegelian Dialectic (or, “problem-reaction-solution”) to serve their own ends.

  • anon

    As we know, Hungarian ‘Jew’ George Soros was behind the events of Ferguson, MO, as well as being behind BLM (“Black Lives Matter”), and we know he is behind the influx of Arab/Muslim “refugees” into Europe. Cui bono? Who benefits from flooding Europe with Arab/Muslim “refugees”, and pitting WHITE, CHRISTIAN EUROPEANS, against Arabs/Muslims?
    Who, exactly, benefits from this on-going contrived “war on terror”? (Answer: the “elite” ZIONIST ‘Jew’). Who exactly benefits from predominantly WHITE, CHRISTIAN AMERICANS OF EUROPEAN DESCENT, going to Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere else, half-way around the world, to kill or be killed by, other poor people with whom they have no quarrel whatever? (Answer: the “elite” ZIONIST ‘Jew’).

    It’s called the ‘Jew’ World Order. Wake up.

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