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Wells Fargo FRAUD: How Does Nobody Go To Jail?

from Ben Swann:

Reality Check: How Does Nobody Go To Jail In Wells Fargo Fraud Case?

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5 comments to Wells Fargo FRAUD: How Does Nobody Go To Jail?

  • tomche

    It’s not called “JUSTICE”, it’s called “JUST US”.

  • steelerdude

    And what about —> “Carrie Tolstedt, 56, announced her retirement in July, effective at the end of the year, and is set to receive $124.6 million via stock, options and restricted shares accrued during her 27 years at Wells Fargo”

    She is the one who headed up this fraud….she needs the 15 year sentence with no chance of parole!!! This is so wrong and Im mad as hell!

  • spoiltforchoice

    When one’s Reality is dependent on Another’s Reality, NOBODY then has to Go To Jail. For The Unwary of Thought, that is when one’s Reality is actually Relative-to-Another’s/”Relativity”. When Most are more interested in Gossip [or manufacturing Gossip] than the state of their “Enslavement”/Reality, Reality then is like a gigantic Soap Opera where The 2 Faces of The Same Coin tussel with one another to be The King of The Hill/Truth. You know, when Past is tusselling with Future to be The-Present, hee-hee, haw-haw. “Gold” anyone? And be prepared for Turmoil & Chaos – beecuz zhey R A-Kummin’.

    Insanity or merely Thought-in-Progress? NOT when Thought is one’s “Guiding Light” in ALL matters Thoughtful. When Greed-Fear is/are innately provisioned within ALL Thinkers, how could The End be anything but Fear-Greed [or vice-versa]. How? By self-certifying as being Perfect, of course. You know, the hobby of The Monied/”Chosened” Few and similar Ding Dong Merrily on Highs and their penchant for Might-is-Right. What the jokers call, “Do-able”.

    When NO Human is Truth other than being Of Truth, being Truthful, then, is a constant effort – made effortless by being Unconditional. For example, when The Feminine is Empowerment/”Parallellism”, being Feminine is like A Women accepting a Foreign-Object [like “Sperm”, say], something NO physiology will normally accept, nurturing said Foreign-Object for months on-end before expelling it at The Right Time.

    What is that saying to Those Who Dared “Listen”/Absolutely-Sense? It is saying that Powar/”Empowerment” does not Come From The Barrel of A Gun [like Feminists and their desire to be equal to men. You joking, Sweets? Have you ever looked “Down Thar”? Whaat? You can always try to look-act “masculine”?] other than Allowing Aggression/Insanity to This, That & The Other and then facilitating Sanity when The Moment appears. This is how The Feminine works whenever Thought is Running Amok. Ask ALL The “First Ladies” and similar Power of The Masculine. But nevah, evah, those “Feminists” who yak “Outta Heads” – like men do.

    When the means Bigge Krooks perennially Get Away With Murder is by catching and justifying Small “Patsy-able” Crooks, where is “Justice & Freedom”? Whaat? Shorely not “Down Thar” ! There is NO such thing as Absolutes like Justice, Freedom, Truth and Being-Jailed when Incarceration is a Viable Business Proposition. Yes, ALL incarcerated might claim innocence but shorely there must be one who is? If so, where is Justice for him? Down Thar? Perhaps it could be Convenience & Expediency. The means to Popping Da Lolly.

    “Wells Fargo Fraud?” Not when Toilet Papering is a “Global Phenonmena”. There is NO such a thing as Justice when The Nature is Multi-Faceted. Then, Justice is Relative. As Malevolence and His Cohorts are apt to declare, “Eets Who you Know”. Better awaken to one’s very own Greed-Fear before The End arrives – and catches you doing Sump’fing you thought Noboday knows. You know, when Addiction becomes Regret – “beecuz eet wuz soo easy to BeFool The BeFool-able”.

    Perhaps it is time to be conscious and be aware that when The Energy Creator, aka The Divine, exists, Perfection is His and not ours. No matter how many times that now-deceased weasel-chappe Swear Blind to All & Sundry. You know, Befooling The BeFool-able. You perfect enough to send The Other To Jail “Becuz someone has to do eet”? Let’s have The Other one, Toots. Be aware that when ALL are striving for Perfection, the likes of Toilet-Papery will be Outta Business. Overnight.

    This vein/avenue is taken not because Beggary-Thievery will otherwise be Runing Amok but because when self has yet to change, asking for Change is but Wishful Thinking. Besides, Society has enough “Mechanisms” to address Beggary-Thievery. You know, mechanisms like “Elekshions” for highlighting the ability of The “Stupid”/Egotistical-“Dumb”/Mesmerised to Somewhat Choose between The 2 Faces of The Same Coin. How conveniently Hee-Hee, Haw-Haw.

    Be conscious and be aware that when striving to be Truthful is the reason for being Human, witnessing Theft is merely the reminder to firstly “Catch-the-Crook”/Greed-Fear Within before facilitating Society to Catch-The-Crook Without. Doing it the other way around is how Greed-Fear will become Fear-Greed. You know, Malevolence’s way of “Devolving The Devolve-able”.

    Without at least some changing, there could be NO change. Just the way Da Bigge Krooks want it. Bigge Krooks like Malevolence, whose other name is Division. This is because Malevolence does NOT care if either of The 2 Faces of The Same Coin “Wins” or “Lose” if only because It Makes NO Difference.

    Difference ONLY happens when those who are able to become Selfless from being Selfish do so. And this is NOT some “Mumbo-Jumbo”/Knowledge/Ownership-Issue streaming From The Pulpit Every Sunday. It happens to be The Truth. Change is possible but ONLY when self is able to realise how self is “Infrastructured”. Via Neutralising & Dissipating “Thought”. Without his fundamental first step, Absoluteness is impossible other than being “Blinded”/Conditioned or striving to Blind/be-Conditional.

  • Mr Cause

    Does this story surprise any of us? The people behind 911 that murdered people in front of our face are the same people that allow this to occur. They are the ones that provide the “justice”, which is no justice at all. They confuse the ignorant, convincing them it’s about skin color or race or even sexual orientation.

    They are the People behind Hillary. The Clinton Foundation is a Massive Fraud yet nothing is done. We just continue on pretending. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it starts to get better. In fact Jesus even said that all flesh would be destroyed if He doesn’t intervene.

    Truth is, those who believe into Jesus – Heads we win tails the others lose.

    Confirm whose side you’re on today,

    Mr C

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yes, if you or me took somebody’s identification and opened up credit accounts and touched money from their accounts so that WE could get any kind of benefits from it, that is called IDENTITY THEFT and we’d be prosecuted and go to jail.

    OH well. I agree, there is no justice, it’s “Just Us”.

    The world really is divided into “Have Nots” and “Have Yachts”.

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