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Was Putin’s Chauffeur Murdered By a Hacked Mercedes? Global(ist) Context and Implications

from Rogue Money:

As a frequent visitor to Moscow, and for a brief year a legal working resident in the Russian capital, we are familiar with the area around the WWII memorial obelisk at Poklonnaya Hill and the nearby ‘Stalin buildings’ where Soviet leaders such as Leonid Brezhnev had their apartments. Kutuzovsky along with Leninsky Prospekt is one of the broad thoroughfares through the city connecting to the Garden Ring and, further out, the MKAD (Moskovskaya Koltsevaya Avtomobilnaya Doroga). Like Leninsky avenue, Kutuzovsky is frequently shut down on one side to allow multiple lanes for the Russian President and other VIPs motorcades and their DPS (Russian federal highway patrol) as well as Moscow city police escorts to pass at high speed to the Kremlin and other buildings in downtown.

What the Russia Analyst Knows About the Crime Scene

As someone who was in Moscow for the visits of President Barack Obama and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, we can also testify to foreign leaders getting every bit as much escort if not more than Putin and high ranking Russian officials. Furthermore, after numerous incidents of ‘migalka’ or blue light abuse by the sons and lovers of various chinovniks, as well as high speed crashes that killed or injured pensioners in their Ladas, the Interior Ministry cracked down on the issuance of the devices. The actor and director Nikita Mikhailkov, though not a bureaucrat, managed to obtain one of the coveted blue lights to speed past traffic, before a public outcry made him give his up in 2011. Today the most high ranking Kremlin officials including Putin sometimes heli-commute into the city at peak traffic times, when the largest city in Europe often gets snarled with horrific traffic jams.

After such common sense reforms then, one would expect spectacular crashes of the type that killed Putin’s chauffeur instantly to become rare if not be avoided entirely. Yet on September 2nd a Mercedes Benz wrecked into the black government BMW 7 Series head on, and according to the Guerrilla’s sources this was no accident. The driver of the Mercedes was hospitalized in a coma after the 90 mph plus combined collision. Meanwhile only the deceased driver’s initials of were released to the public as of Thursday. Russian media appear to be portraying the wreck as a tragic accident, rather than an act of foul play:

The originator of terrible road accident on Kutuzovsky prospect, in which killed the most skilled driver management Department of the President, came from a drug-induced coma and told “MK” the details of the incident on 2 September 2016. Through our newspaper, the 38-year-old Yang Kamilov also decided to apologize for the incident, the family of the deceased 69-year-old driver.

Recall that in a government car brand “BMW” at the wheel which sat one of the best drivers office (drove Ministers, members of the Federation Council, the Government, etc.) crashed into a “Mercedes” with the numbers “999”. – This car belongs to Jan, it is a company car, which he just enjoyed, – said the lawyer Vadim Lyalin. – He is an expert appraiser in a large company. At the same time Yang is very law-abiding, never violated traffic rules. The results of the examination showed that at the time of the accident he was completely sober.

However the Guerrilla’s sources suggested that the Mercedes Benz was hacked, in an incident similar to the February 2015 Valhalla train crossing crash that killed multiple JP Morgan executives, and the suspected hacking of the late Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ Mercedes coupe. The implication is that this attack was intended as a demonstration of capability and warning to Putin, who was not in the car or in Moscow that day.

The Motive? Putin Keeps Undermining the Petrodollar via Mideast Mega-Deals

As Ken “the (Shotgun) Professor” Shortgen Jr. noted in his post on Wednesday September 7, Putin and his Iranian allies have been taking more aggressive steps of late to undermine the U.S. petrodollar. During the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, Putin was warmly greeted by Chinese President Xi Jinpeng, while Beijing deliberately snubbed Obama’s delegation. A group photo of world leaders in which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was bending to speak in Putin’s ear while a curious Obama looked on summarized the growing script reversal, whereby the Americans rather than Russians were increasingly isolated or at least, not taken seriously by their Chinese hosts and other world leaders.:

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