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WARNING: Russia Issues New “Rules of Engagement” in Syria: Any Aircraft Threatening the Syrian Army WILL BE SHOT DOWN (US/Turkey/Israel in the cross-hairs!)

from My Daily Informer:

After the United States and “Coalition” aircraft attacked Syrian Army positions “by mistake” – which killed 62 and injured over 100 Syrian Soldiers – Russia says the next mistake will be the pilot’s last, as new Rules of Engagement are now in effect.

Two days ago, on 17 September, US-led coalition jets bombed Syrian government forces’ positions near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, killing 62 troops and “paving the way” for Islamic State militants, the Syrian Army General Command told the state television.

The bombing took place on al-Tharda Mountain in the region of Deir ez-Zor and caused casualties and destruction on the ground, Syria’s official SANA news agency reported on Saturday.

Russia Issues

US & US-controlled forces haven’t fulfilled any Syria ceasefire deal obligations – Russian Army

Sixty-two Syrian soldiers were killed and over 100 injured in the airstrike by the US-led coalition, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said, citing information received from the Syrian General Command.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the aircraft which carried out the bombings had entered Syrian airspace from the territory of Iraq.

Four strikes against Syrian positions was performed by two F-16 jet fighters and two A-10 support aircraft, it added.

“If the airstrike was caused by the wrong coordinates of targets than it’s a direct consequence of the stubborn unwillingness of the American side to coordinate with Russia in its actions against terrorist groups in Syria,” Konashenkov stressed.

The Defense Ministry also confirmed a report by SANA that an Islamic State offensive began right after Syrian Army positions were hit from the air.

“Immediately after the airstrike by coalition planes, Islamic State militants launched their offensive. Fierce fighting with the terrorists is currently underway in the area of the airport where for a long a time humanitarian aid for civilians was parachuted,” Konashenkov said.

The timing of the ISIS attack, coming within 7 minutes of the US air strikes against the Syrian Army, has led some to conclude the US is providing air cover for ISIS Terrorists!

The Syrian General Command called the bombing a “serious and blatant aggression” against Syrian forces, and said it was “conclusive evidence” that the US and its allies support IS militants.

According to a news release of the US Department of Defense, the coalition’s aviation performed combat missions in Deir ez-Zor on Saturday.

“We are aware of the reports and checking with Centcom and CJTF (Combined Joint Task Force),” the Pentagon told RT.

The US Central Command later has issued a statement, saying that it had no intention of targeting Syrian government forces near Deir ez-Zor.

“Syria is a complex situation with various military forces and militias in close proximity, but [the] coalition would not intentionally strike a known Syrian military unit,” the statement read.

CENTCOM promised that the strike and circumstances surrounding it will be reviewed “to see if any lesson can be learned.”

An unnamed US military official told Reuters that he was “pretty sure” that the targets hit in US-led coalition air strike on Saturday had been Syrian forces.

According to the official, the bombings in Deir ez-Zor were carried out using US intelligence, which was being gathered for days.

The US says its attack stopped as soon as Russia notified the American side that they had been hitting the Syrian military, he added.  But that does not fit the facts.

According to both Russian and Syrian Army reports, the American jets were repeatedly told they were attacking the wrong side but continued attacking until aircraft were “painted” by Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems.  It was only after the surface-to-air missile locked-on to the aircraft that they cut off the attack.


After the attack, the US told Russia and Syria they would investigate how this “mistake” happened and report back.  No report was forthcoming.  SO both Russia and Syria requested — and were granted — an Emergency meeting of the UN Security Council for the purpose of the US explaining why it attacked the Syrian Army.

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10 comments to WARNING: Russia Issues New “Rules of Engagement” in Syria: Any Aircraft Threatening the Syrian Army WILL BE SHOT DOWN (US/Turkey/Israel in the cross-hairs!)

  • tomche

    I wonder just how many days it will take the Sotero administration to “accidentally” kill more Syrians and incur the wrath of the Russians.
    This could really get ugly fast now that lines in the sand are drawn – and the psychopaths in Washington see a way out of their mess by starting yet another war – with Russia.

  • Sam

    but but but…Mother Russia was already killing all of the terrorists invading Syria from Israhell to the USSA variety under various names and assortments of damn fools…so, what’s changed?

  • James Woroble Jr

    Although the Russian’s S-400 system didn’t retaliate, with its design perimeters its vast sensor array most certainly picked up the aircraft incursions even beyond the Syrian border. Why they didn’t nail ’em all either entering Syrian airspace or returning from the attack as they most certainly could, is a mystery. Nevertheless, its appears that this is what will occur next time.

    Perhaps Russia knows it requires taking the first hit to achieve a higher, if not absolute, level of justification for its actions in a world of Jew monopolized global mass media controlling world opinion through deceit and agenda.

  • Millicent

    Powers “got up and walked out” of the meeting. Now there is real diplomatic language if I have ever heard it. It is like Paul Craig Roberts says: “the Americans are fools and want war…”

    America is just a tool of the globalist powers and I think they that see their control slipping away in the US. Hillary is on her last legs so they are afraid that they cannot get another controlled puppet in the WH to do their bidding. Perhaps they see this as their last opportunity to plunge the world into total chaos and realize their dreams of empire?

    “There will be wars and rumours of wars…”

  • KRELL427

    There will be wars and rumours of wars, Johnny Cash “It’s going by the book” from his 1990 album.

  • Sam

    All wars are Banksters Wars:

  • MarcS

    It is interestingly disturbing why Russia did not kill the warplanes.

    Beginning to think we may be playing the good cop bad cop game…… while more Syrians are being murdered by the “superpowers”.

    • Phil Downunder

      From what I now understand about the Russians, I can understand their reluctance to give the Cabal an excuse to claim the high moral ground and respond to the “unprovoked attack” on their “peace keeping” attack aircraft. Besides, there has already been such massive loss of innocent lives in this multi-decade war, it would be counter-productive to accidentally allow the Cabal an excuse to start World War 3.

      The sooner Russia realises that they cannot negotiate or reason with Satanic bastards, the better.(or perhaps they already do)

      Besides, it looks like the global Ponzi Fiat currency, Central Banking system, which gives them their power, is on its’ last legs, why not allow its’ inevitable collapse do much of the work for them.

  • MarcS

    Another comment,

    So, Russia “warns” any aircraft threatening Syrian solders will be shot down.

    What a bunch of crap, will the aircraft have painted on them, “we are going to threaten the Syrian Army”….. NO, you kill any aircraft that flies into Syrian airspace!

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