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WAKE UP CALL: Our Entire World is Going To Change — BILL HOLTER


The cartel hit gold hard again on Wednesday selling $1.5 BILLION is paper gold into the market in ONE MINUTE and as JS Mineset’s Bill Holter notes, “$1.5 Billion of gold is close to 2% of global production and to see that sold in one minute is laughable.”

Bill asks, “Who has that amount of gold to sell? And the answer of course is almost no one. And what trader would ever sell in that fashion? And the answer is no one wo would want to keep a job if they were selling for profit. So the sell was obviously to create price, a lower one.”

But as the bond market and rising LIBOR rates are telling us, the system is coming apart at the seams and the coming collapse will cause “our entire world to change.”

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58 comments to WAKE UP CALL: Our Entire World is Going To Change — BILL HOLTER

  • KRELL427

    I don’t know have you guys have seen it, but Simon Parked has just recorded an emergency update. 25,8,2016, He is expecting a false flag attack in Germany by the United States,Germany is going against NWO.That is why they have told the citizens to stock up on water and food.

  • knowtoomuch

    @SGT : OFCOURSE the Fed and other central banks are doing “this” to us on purpose, so YES, it’s ALL be done by DESIGN.

    But please consider the thought that D.Trump is ALSO “in” on “it” (just as Hitler was “their puppet”) – “they” are MASTERS in deceiving !

    ■ Zio Trump :

    & ( Jews control Donald Trump ) :

    & (on Donald Drumpf ) :

  • knowtoomuch

    “deception” instead of “deceiving” I meant to say

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ Ex-CIA Scheurer ” the real problem is the leaders of the jewish community in the U.S.” :

    • KRELL427

      It is all by design,but the emphasis should now be placed on the final preparations, because we are running out of time and most people like Bill Holter’s sister do nothing. They are reactive not proactive.

      • Ed_B

        “They are reactive not proactive.”

        The list of those who do not survive the coming SHTF time will be long and filled with the names of the “reactive”… unless, of course, someone in their family has their head on straight and has prepped enough for those family members who have not. We all have such people in our family and we do have to look out for them, whether or not they now understand the need for it. :-/

  • The SGE benefits from the gold/silver arbitrage just as much as the “Western” bankers who wish to suppress it (for now).

    As for the LBMA being a criminal institution, they are… founded by the Rothschilds themselves:

    …but that means, by extension, the market riggers participating WITH the LBMA are also in on the game. Take, for example, Bank of China. While they only recently joined the price-fixing board for gold at the LBMA, they’ve been members since 1987:

    This is multi-generational integration between China and the Anglo-American Establishment and is a process more than an event.

    • glitter 1

      “This is multi-generational integration between China and the Anglo-American Establishment and is a process more than an event.”

      Yes,it is a generational process. The NWO is/has been a generational process. Nothing in politics/world events/history is random,it has all been planned to happen that way.The vast majority just can not wrap their head(s) around it, even very intelligent people like Hoffman. And Yes, China/Russia are all involved in bringing in the NWO. The misdirection seen in the Media daily is just the protagonist/antagonist dialectic chess board maneuvering. When they all gather at their,lets say G20 Summits,it’s all secret hand shakes,wink wink,etc. They are all initiates of one form or another and it has taken generations to line all this up.They are so close,the stakes are so high,they have come too far,which is why the rule of law is all but gone due to their brazen,cocky arrogance.Like when Nixon said:”We’re all Keynesians now”.
      “We’re all Globalists Now” and they all have their positions and marching orders.The cover of the recent Economist Magazine says loads.You see Hillary Clinton up front with all the cast of global supporting characters behind her as promulgated by the commander in chief(Rothchild) of the Global Monetary Beast System and the message is clear,get in our way and you will suffer the consequences.That’s why Comey lied,that’s why Lynch lied,that’s why/how the Kenyen Muslim Sqatter gets away with his lies and crimes.That’s why/how the Clinton’s function with impunity.The Clinton’s are Initiates.

      “The reason Donald Trump is not accepted is because he’s not an initiate.” – Newt Gingrich

      • Glitter, we’ve always shared a commonality in narrative in this regard and I appreciate your keen research. But as for Gingrich, he IS an initiate (to the Grove, at the very least), a consummate insider, and a Transhumanist. So what does it say that Trump, the “non-initiate,” would keep his company so close?

        Gingrich’s segment of the original “Age of Transitions” report (a term he coined) is terrifying to those who understand the Spiritual cage of Technofeudalism:

        And Gingrich isn’t the only “initiate” Transhumanist Trump is letting into his inner circle. Take Peter Thiel, for example, a man who believes he will be immortal, is the head of the Board for Palantir, one of the most evil CIA subcontractors in the cyberspace, and of course a member of the “PayPal Mafia,” which has recently been revealed by HSBC Whistleblower John Cruz to be just as egregious a drug money launderer as any big bank around.

        So is Trump an “initiate”? Probably not. But is Trump an “insider,” or at the very least, a TOOL for insiders to use? I’d reckon the pseudo “East vs. West” (Hegelian) Dialectic is rivaled domestically only by the “Trump v. Clinton” charade. Both made their millions on the backs of Iran-Contra and the drug trade, after all.

        • glitter 1

          Why would Gingrich state the obvious that Trump is not an initiate? I think it is because Gingrich,an initiate himself,is sending a criptic/esoteric message that the sheeple rank and file will miss totally even though it is a truthful statement.They know they can release bits of truth,but the dumb profane won’t pick up on it.It’s their alchemy in action/motion power/control over the masses.

          As far as Trump, he’s no boy scout.He’s has stated that he knows the system because he’s been on the other side.Yes, he has worked with the under world/mafia with his casinos.He has worked with the politicians/law makers,he definitely knows the ropes.So why the flip now?Is all his rhetoric genuine/sincere?Is he another Aaron Russo?To me the jury is still out where this is going.

          Trump isn’t stupid or naïve,he can’t be.However,if he is genuine he knows he can’t take on all The Bosses single handedly,he will have to integrate some of the establishment to be successful.You have to agree he is boldly saying things that would never be uttered from a politician’s mouth,ever.I think for this reason,if for no other,there is great skepticism since people are so use to being lied to that he can’t be for real,there has to be a catch somewhere.Who knows,in any event he is definitely upsetting the applecart.I personally hope he is genuine,I’m reserving judgment for now,but I think we are witness to something never seen/heard,at least during my life time,which is 63 years.

          If there is any hope of this thing turning around,this is what the beginning would look like,but I’m not naïve to think that one man and his quest could possibly take on The Beast head on.I have my own doubts and the reasons for them.We live in interesting times,the gloves are about to be taken off,the remainder of the year I think is going to be wild and possibly dangerous.

      • Ed_B


        “The Clinton’s are Initiates.”

        Indeed so… and may they and their masters roast in hell for their crimes against humanity.

  • Sisyphis202

    I’ve always thought once you see the Shanghai physical price break away from the COMEX paper price then you’d start to see some big things happening. At what point will China, Russia or any other country with well stocked gold reserves say WTF to this insanity with gold and the insanity of the world in general supporting a corrupt reserve currency that perpetuates a world of death and debt.

    I found this to be an interesting gage of how things could spiral out of control very quickly.

  • “Are we gonna have a one-world currency? I don’t think so. I think we’re probably going to have bloc currencies – maybe four or five bloc currencies. Will the SDR be one? It looks like they’re definitely trying to do that. I think you’ll see an Asian currency.”

    -Bill Holter

    And this is why reading Chatham House policy papers are so important to read… check this one from 2013, entitled “Multiple Currencies for a Multipolar World?” Describes almost EXACTLY the scenario Holter lays out, save far more importance to the SDR as a globalizing force:

    “To sum up, there are both short- and long-term challenges ahead for the development of a multi-currency system. Over the short and medium term, the main challenge ahead is the management of the transition process. Necessary steps include the RMB’s full convertibility, a greater degree of international policy cooperation, and a stronger role and legitimacy for the international financial institutions. In the long term, instead of a ‘Bretton Woods II’ system, the process hints at a multi-currency system where China’s role and degree of involvement are key.

      • Brzezinski has masterfully and genocidally played his part in Unipolar American dominance, but he’s not so shortsighted as to think American primacy could ever build a New World Order through overt domination.

        The technofeudal society rapidly being erected ain’t a “Pax Americana,” but a “Multipolar World Order.” Just listen to Brzezinski, Kissinger, and Skowcroft themselves fawn (almost 7 years ago now) over the very world shaping up before our eyes:

        …and make careful note of what they ALL have to say about China and the “brilliance” of Deng Xiaoping’s love affair with Heinz Kissinger.

        Too many read Brzezinski without considering the full context; the man speaks out both sides of his mouth frequently, and as many times as he calls for overt military aggression of places like the Eurasian Balkans, for example, he’ll simultaneously call for Eastern multilateral institutions and trade routes (New Silk Road, anyone?).

        For as much as The Grand Chessboard is a book about encirclement of Russia, Brzezinski is actually far more amenable to a Chinese-led Eurasia than your linked article demonstrates. He devoted an entire chapter to it, and not a small one. Context is key.

        Are these agendas antithetical? Who knows, but the CIA, Chatham House, and BRICS NDB don’t think they are. And certainly not Brzezinski, who I quote frequently in the following articles for a reason.

        Having read the book cover to cover, it’s clear that The Grand Chessboard is not about Pax Americana perpetuating itself eternally, but how best to use Pax Americana’s remaining time as top dog to cleave together a Multipolar world in which West and East combine, mutate, and conglomerate to fuck the GLOBAL population.

  • AgShaman

    I wonder if another world war would support a move to block currencies….wait, no I don’t.

  • Millicent

    Brzezinski, Cheney, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros, etc. These walking cadavers live on for decades and are always there behind the scenes of whatever government happens to be in power. Evil?, yes… Demonic?. most probably.

    • anon

      They are all getting well on in years. David Rockefeller is over 100 years old now… Brzezinski is 88… Ol’ Hank Kissinger is 93… DICK Cheny is 75… George Soros is 86…

      It would be somewhat difficult to predict which one of these [expletive deleted] will be the first to go. It’s kind of fun to think about, however.

      • KRELL427

        Let them live long enough to watch their master plan fail.

      • Ed_B


        No, for me the “fun” of such thoughts would be to have them all together when the place blows. Something nice and natural, such as a leaking gas line filling the basement with a gas-air mix… and then… something like a furnace or A/C unit comes on, releasing a small spark… BOOM! Sounds like justice. The real beauty of this is that these a$$-clowns like to meet in remote places so they can conduct their hellish business in secret. Of course, that also means that there would be no collateral damage whatever. If this were to happen, then all of the nay-sayers can look heavenward and say, “Thank you, God. I now KNOW that You exist.” 🙂

  • rl

    Every once in a while I check in to see latest spoon fed nonsense that sells here which today is lindsay masonic troll williams to zion puppet boy trump. S-eriously G-ullible T-ruthtard media beats the cognitive dissonance ‘truth’ game drums like no other. Mocking bird media is the mantra around here; look in the mirror if you can which time has shown to be fogged over with your own stupidity. You sell the alt cotrolled lies to no end. But of course usful idiots are the mainstay of the game.

  • Mike from the North

    Very little happens by chance much happens by design.

    Much of this has been planned but I suspect that they are now loosing control and the fact that the Rule of Law is being publicly ignored is a sign of their desperation.

    Everything we are being told by MSM is a lie. The truth is out there but it can only be found if you are searching for it as we are.

    Bill is right. Prepared, water, protection

    The event is very near one can assume based on what we see unfolding before us.

  • glitter 1

    A little off topic, here is more evidence,similar to the ABC Live Poll,that the only way Hillary can win is if there is massive voter fraud and the election is outright stolen from Trump.

    Latest Lindsey William’s report from his Elite friend implies that if Trump is clearly going to take the election we can expect some kind of backlash from the Masters of the Universe/Leviathan.Be ready.

    • Ed_B


      “… the only way Hillary can win is if there is massive voter fraud and the election is outright stolen from Trump.”

      And this differs from the usual Demoncrap BS, how?

      • glitter 1

        It will be difficult even for them to cover up/steal a landslide vote.Close, yes.a landslide,no.Then it’s off to “Plan B”.

        • Ed_B

          They DID manage to get a complete flop of a president re-elected in 2012, so they do have some practice at such things. Back in 1980, Carter was a 1-term president because they weren’t into such direct manipulation of the vote in those days. My, how times HAVE changed. 🙁

  • ecobel

    what are you people going to do when nothing happens in 2016?….. I know, it will be by another date in 2017, then another..
    The market control won’t and can’t stop. They have all the power and money. They will own everything like in Russia and Chine

    • Ed_B

      Real markets cannot be controlled. That is the essence of their error. Yes, they can screw with the markets and with us for a time but that time IS limited. Markets are far too complex for the simple minds of human beings to control successfully. They can, will, and do f*** it up, try as they might not to. In the end, everything will collapse and then arise anew from the ashes of their stupidity. But it will not be a pleasant ride for the rest of us. 🙁

  • Kim

    I am sick and tired waiting, if we go back 5-10 years its all the same old….
    I never thought we would get past 2010 but six years on….. They could keep pulling more rabbits out the hat for a few more years. Point is NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE!
    I can’t wait for the re-set and hopefully a much nicer world, one where common decency and laws applied to all.

    • Millicent

      Yes, if you continually make predictions that do not happen then your choices are either to admit that you were wrong or to keep revising them forward with a bit of added BS to keep the gullible hooked. As rl stated above: there are a lot of them here…

      Something will eventually happen but it will not be what they are being led to believe.

  • Mike from the North

    If you have taken steps to prepare …then be thankful and continue living your life with hope for the future.

    None of us know what or when but it is fair to say that they have only been able to keep it going by misleading the public and manipulating everything.

    Now the question to ask yourselves is…

    Why are they going to extremes and why is there no concern for the Rule of Law?

    The answer to your WHY SHOULD I PREPARE is in the awareness of the extremes that are being used to keep the system going.

    Accept that everything we see from the MSM is a lie and you may be closer than you wish to believe.

    • glitter 1

      When hurricane Sandy(Cat 5) hit New Jersey almost four years ago,a week in advance the Governor declared a state of emergency,which meant that if you lived along the coastline you would/must evacuate because no one will come to rescue you. Do you know that in the middle of a category 5 hurricane there were people who called 911 for someone to come a rescue them from their beach front/coastal homes.
      At some point you just have to ignore stupid and cut losses. There are those that just don’t possess the mental capacity/comprehension to analyze/process in order to come to rational conclusions, hence the maxim:”You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”
      Not that you can’t keep trying.

      Better to be prepared years early than one day to late.

    • Ed_B

      Well said, Mike, and I agree. It doesn’t happen as often as it should but it is good to hear an adult opinion on all this from time to time. 🙂

      Those familiar with simple flow charts can lay out the steps for preparedness such that even the comatose can understand the need for prepping. The trick is, one has to deal with their inherent inability to become proactive rather than reactive. This is a HUGE obstacle to overcome but with a few simple pictures many of them can be brought into the fold. The trick to a lot of this is convincing people that inevitable does not equate to immediate. Such things take time and usually more of it than most of us think that it should. It takes MUCH more time that the usual human attention span allows. All too many want to wait until the very last minute and then go bat-crap-crazy doing all their prepping in a single day on the day BEFORE the SHTF. Sorry, folks, but it just doesn’t work that way. In spite of this, this IS what we see every time a group of people are threatened by a major natural disaster. This is a mindset that MUST be changed, if they are to be kept alive.

  • fej

    1.5 billion in one minute may be laughable , but who can stop them .
    Apparently no one .

  • Hi Sean and Bill
    At the 24 minute mark you talk about the letter of succession for the Sect’y of Treasury. It makes perfect sense. There are only 2 people that can submit financial/economic bills to Congress and they MUST be passed, by law. Don’t believe me? Read here:

    This should explain why Obamanations like TARP, OBUMMERCARE, and GATT, NAFTA passes no matter how bad they are for us and our country.
    Yah Bless,

    p.s. Great report Bill.

  • Gary Jue

    Someone educmicate me..

    If the same entities that short the paper market are hedging their shorts by buying mining shares..
    why coulddnt they short the miners if they loose control in the paper market to continue their control..?

    Just saying

    • AgShaman

      Good interview with Bill H. I always have to wait a couple days before these interviews will play….probably need to get up to speed on this new Ubuntu thingy

      I agree with the hedge shorting exercise. Alot of miners get their cash flow from the bullion banks…which tells me the B-Banks will be shorting the ‘piss’ outta them when they feel it behooves them to turn a profit from the down and up spikes that come with big shorting exercises.

      It would be nice to see a group of miners build a consortium to insulate themselves from the machinations of the syndicated bank-stars. They could start with rewriting the system with viable alternatives for investors like paper shares redeemable for the actual metal, large blocks of shares donated to the consortium’s fund that is not laying in the hands of brokerages waiting to be loaned out to gamblers wishing to “short” the shares. Also, holding back a portion of the metal from the marketplace is also a good idea, considering the exodus from the casino could drive the shares outstanding in the miners through the roof and the shares outstanding as well.

      Prepping is looking more and more like an investment class unto itself, considering the view from Greece, Venezuela, Ukraine, and others telegraphing what is coming for more countries.

      I’m considering Springfield’s SOCOM 16 as a new platform to build into the preps class

  • anon

    The ‘entire world is going to change’? Who is behind all the ‘hope & change’?

    1) Obama: Rothschilds’ Choice in 2008, and 2012.

    2) [German] Historian Says Rothschilds are Chasid Puppets

    3) A Message To The Globalist Scum: Your Days Are Numbered

    Read the comments. Have a nice day.

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