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US: High-Stakes Bidding Hijacked What was Supposed to be an Election

by Martin Berger, New Eastern Outlook:

The previously sealed Wisconsin court documents that The Guardian managed to get its hands on, exposed the unprecedented extent of corporate influence on the so-called Western democratic process, and all of this due to the Scott Walker investigation.

Now the staggering amount of influence that Western corporate circles have in the so-called US Presidential elections and the extraordinary lengths to which politicians, lobbyists and even judges go to solicit money, are laid bare in the court documents, now available for anyone who would care enough to investigate them.

The John Doe files amount to 1,500 pages of largely unseen material gathered as evidence by prosecutors investigating alleged irregularities in political fundraising. These documents shed light on the behind-the-scenes world that is kept hidden from the public, in which millions of dollars are secretly donated by major corporations and super-wealthy individuals to third-party groups in an attempt to sway elections. The documents basically mean that the US presidential election of 2016 have virtually been stolen by a wealthy few.

The former United States Secretary of Agriculture and congressman, Dan Glickman, would note in his column for The Huffington Post:

More cash into more political arenas deepens and hardens public distrust in government and political leaders. I contend that many voters on both sides have a legitimate belief that our political system is irrelevant to the lives of everyone except those at the top. Voters are unhappy , and they are not being served by a government that is paralyzed by money, money that binds politicians to the views of a handful of Americans, stokes the flames of partisanship and keeps Congress and the president from doing anything truly transformational.

Former US President Jimmy Carter in an interview with well-known American radio host and progressive political commentator Thom Harmann refused to describe the country he once led as “democratic,” due to “unlimited political bribery” that’s created “a complete subversion of the US political system as a payoff to major contributors.” Former-President Carter is convinced that Supreme Court cases like the 2010 Citizens United decision have turned America into an “oligarchy,” where wealthy elites wield the most power. “It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system,” he said. “Now it’s just an oligarchy , with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. and the same thing applies to governors and US senators and Congress members.”

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