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Hillary Clinton is dying… of either Parkinson’s or Vascular Dementia, either way both are terminal conditions and both can lead to pneumonia. Meanwhile, Hollywood has some brand new GOLD-related predictive programming prepared for Christmas as several central banks are actively buying up the stocks of the world’s best silver and gold mining companies, positioning themselves for the next, inevitable leg up.

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  • Johny Comelately

    I love DR. Schoon! I can’t wait to hear the interview!

  • tomche

    Agree. Can’t wait for the Dr. Schoon interview. Good work Sean, and good luck with your equity picks!

    • SGT

      First Johnny, thanks. DS is coming on Thursday night, and he’s mad as hell!

      Tomche, thanks man, I think with 21 million ounces of annual silver production AG is a $50 – $75 stock in the next few years. We, along with the central banks, shall see.

      • tomche

        I think you will do well…but hold on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…!

      • Carlos

        Why would we buy mining shares when we know they can and do naked short them at will? I traded stocks and options for many years and i have first hand knowledge of this fraud and frankly it has driven me completely away from the fraud scheme. Why you would openly promote the participation in this fraud is beyond me. When the people who buy into this fraud lose all their money and they will, what will you say then. Oh i guess that is why you diversify, and have the physical. Knowingly participating in a fraud scheme makes you guilty of fraud yourself. Me i was taught not to participate in such fraud. I don’t understand the people on her embracing the whores of wall street. God help you because i certainly can’t.

        • AgShaman


          I see where you are coming from. I sold most of my shares to fund a worthy american mission.

          Alot of what us pikers have learned over the years is a wide variety of tactics regarding competing with the overlords trying to subjugate us into their death march to nowheresville.

          Mining shares are only a tool in the battle. Holding phyzz is the same.

          It’s a bet that the unravelling will include a need for avenues of capital flight

  • KRELL427

    A movie about Bre-X will do its job to keep the sheople away from gold mining shares, a lot of people I know still have big scares from that one. Bill Holter announced the upcoming interview with himself Jim Sinclair and Sean and Jim said we should get some good questions in that one, looking very forward to that one. Also Rebecca Roth told the audience on CTM the other night that after doing an interview on SGT she received a call from an insider that listened to the interview and gave her some new information. Keep up the good work Sean, Hillary going down is just the start.

  • Eric

    Not sweating the pullback in mining shares at all. We’re finally getting some activity in the VIX lately. Bond market is going nutty. What happens when stocks and bonds selloff at the same time? How high can they allow interest rates to rise without some major fallout?

    Had to take some profits this week on first mining finance, but will buy more in a few weeks if I can. May sell some other winners to buy Silver One and shuffle out of the weaker ones into the stronger ones. At around $12, definitely seems like a good time to buy back into AG too.

    Saw that Hollywood trailer a week or so ago. They are getting ready to let things fly! Just think of how annoying it will be to all of us here to listen to the dum dums tell us that we should buy Gold.

    I’m preparing my response to them now… “DUHHHH!!!! Have you been living under a rock?”

    Good interview with Bill Fleckenstein…

  • Kakistocracy

    Hillary Rodham Clinton Died a LONG TIME AGO.

    We are all watching body-doubles.
    Several of them.

    Kaine (e.g. KANE vs ABEL) has been the candidate ALL ALONG.

    We are moving into Kali Yuga now.
    The quickening.

    Thus we are rapidly approaching a ‘Shatterpoint’ .
    A point where very many forces are converging for an ultimate resolution.
    Good and evil are bringing their arms to bear.
    Conflict is at hand as the intensity increases.
    We are in Kali Yuga, the quickening.
    Changes will continue to happen faster and faster accelerating until convergence; shatterpoint.

    SHATTERPOINT is coming.
    Will humanity finally rise up and shake off the shacles of our self-imposed slavery ?

    Will tyranny or freedom reign ?!

    I envision freedom.

    • Millicent

      Where is Art Bell when you need him?

    • Carlos

      I like your post. You seem to connected to the spiritual aspect of the theater. These satanists seem to be telling us allegorically what is going on. You seem to be listening. Peace

      • Kakistocracy

        Yes I am listening.

        And I am fighting back for all of us.

        We will not fail.

        We will be victorious.

        It will be painful , no doubt, and some will not make it, but that is as it should be.

        Eyes Open,
        Heart Strong,
        Courage and Love to All

  • pippi

    Take a look at the Devil Card from the Tarot:
    The chains around the human’s neck are loose. One can pull them off at any time. It is a choice.

  • Kakistocracy

    thanks, pippi and Eric

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