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Ukraine – Synaxis of the Saints of the Kiev Caves

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Thanks to Orthodox Church for the video. July 27, 2016 – “The all-Ukraine Cross-bearing procession in the name of peace, love and prayer began in the east of Ukraine on July 3 and in the country’s west on July 9.

KIEV, July 27. /TASS/. More than 80,000 people joined ranks on Wednesday in a Cross-bearing procession that thronged down Kiev streets to the world-famous Monastery of the Caves, more broadly known as the Pechersk Lauva (the latter word meaning a monastery of the highest rank, officials at the information department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reporting to Moscow Patriarchate said on Wednesday.

Moses, Wonderworker. He subdued his body in various ways. For example he carried an iron belt and an iron cross, which he made for himself, on his naked body. For his asceticism and labors he received the gift of working wonders.

Lawrence, Hermit.

Hilarion, Schema-monk.

Paphnutius, Hermit. Constantly crying in recollecting the hour of his death, so he led all his life, and dying he saw choirs of angels which, having come, took his soul and carried it to heaven.

Martyrius, Deacon. For his high purity and Lenten asceticism he became worthy of the deaconate and rewarded with the gift of miracles. Everyone for whom he prayed before God, standing on the ambo, received what they requested. He banished evil spirits by his prayer.

Theodore, Prince of Ostrog. He fervently built and adorned Orthodox temples in Volhynia and was the courageous defender of the Orthodox against the violence of Papism. Together with his acceptance of monasticism in the Kievan Monastery of the Caves he also accepted the new name of Theodosius (see July 6, page 231).

Athanasius, Hermit.

Dionysius, Hermit, nicknamed the Chip. He was a hieromonk and overseer of the caves in the Kievan Monastery of the Caves. Passing through this modest obedience, he achieved such holiness that on the day of Holy Pascha (as this is narrated in his Life), when coming to a cave to cense the relics of the saints, he said according to custom: “Christ is risen”! that at this moment was heard the response from all the relics: “Truly, He is risen”! This event so astounded Dionysius that he left for the solitary life.

Theophilus, Bishop of Novgorod. The last bishop of free Novgorod, he first practiced asceticism in the Otensky Monastery and during the time of St. Jonah he was the Protodeacon and the sacristan of the Episcopal see. After the death of St. Jonah, Theophilus was elected by lot as the Archbishop of Novgorod. He became known as a zealous adherent of Orthodoxy during the Novgorod civil wars. He died in about the year 1480 near Kiev where he went to venerate the saints. His relics repose in a reliquary.

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