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Did a UFO Destroy the Space X Falcon 9 Rocket & Its Israeli Aerospace Industries-Built Facebook Satellite?

from Above Top Secret:

Floating around the inter webs are numerous accounts of the explosion at Cape Canaveral today, a UFO can be seen in the official video of the test fire, which passes over the space-vessel just as it explodes. After going through numerous sites, and looking at many different analysis, it does appear this is not a bird, or a bug (though some can be seen in the video at earlier and later times).



There was also a post on reddit from someone who claims they work on site (as a welder) and earlier in the day (prior to launch) they witnessed UFOs in the sky. They are not allowed to bring phones on site with them, so they had no videos, but offered an account of the disastrous morning:

(Edit: Warning, the quoted text is claimed anonymous internet writings, the authenticity remains unestablished)

So This is my first post here long time lurker, But today the Space X rocket blew up on the launch pad if you weren’t aware. I am a welder at Kennedy Space Center and before launch a lot of us were noticing strange lights in the sky above the pad. About 20 minutes before launch there was an impression in the clouds (its rainy here) of a oblong shape you could almost see the blue sky through it then 3 white lights appeared in the center of it and then just disappeared with a blink of an eye they were visible for maybe 20 seconds. 20 minutes later the rocket explodes on the pad maybe it’s a coincidence I don’t know but hopefully some of you have insight unfortunatley I have no pictures. (We are not allowed to have our phones on us in our hanger due to “safety reasons” they stay in our locker till we clock out.)


The payload was officially the Satellite Amos6, a 200M Sat which Zuckerberg/Facebook was launching to “give the world free internet”, or at least thats the PR spin on the project.

The Sat was built by Israeli Aerospace Industries and was to be part of the Spacecom satellite network – Check out the coverage map here, operating in the Ku bands, and Ka Spot beams, it was going cover areas which already have Spacecom coverage, mostly Europe & Eastern Europe/Russia.

It’s precisely this reason I think there is something more to the story. Supposedly Amos6 would offer redundancy, backup services and increase reliability. Maybe there’s something more to the frequencies they are playing with? Anyone got any ideas? I haven’t had a chance to look at possible uses yet. They do mention ‘New Services’…

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Did a UFO Destroy the Space X Falcon 9 Rocket & Facebook Satellite Payload?

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6 comments to Did a UFO Destroy the Space X Falcon 9 Rocket & Its Israeli Aerospace Industries-Built Facebook Satellite?

  • Bob

    Actually it was Wile E Coyote. He was fixing to shoot the missile at roadrunner but it blew up in his face.

  • Millicent

    Was it a rocket made by ACME MFG?

  • Sayldog

    I question something, and searched YouTube videos of “launchpad explosions” as a result. Out of all the launchpad explosion videos depicting rockets from the V2 through Atlas and Ariane and the Russian rocket explosions, NONE show explosions initiating at the payload area, all start where the fuel and boosters are.

    • Millicent

      Good observation. The launch ignition sequence always begins at the base of the first stage and if there is a problem then that is where it will start. If there is a problem in the upper stages then the rocket will be well off the ground before then.

      Why this one blew up at the upper stage is anyone’s guess at this point.

  • Randy0302

    a cat is missing in my neighborhood. The poster reads Russians?

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