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U.S. Public Don’t Care if Politicians Lie

by Eric Zuesse, Washington’s Blog:

Everybody knows that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are inveterate liars; but, do Americans really care? The vast majority of us care only as partisans in politics, not as partisans for truth and against lies. And that’s why democracy has died in America. (Please click on the link here, wherever you question this, or any other given assertion’s veracity: questioning the factuality, the veracity, of any assertion is good, not bad — such as people of faith are systematically misled to believe, to view doubt as being a weakness, or even a sin.)

To say that a voter cares whether or not a particular politician is a liar, is to say that even if the politician is of that voter’s own political party, the voter will reject the politician for being a liar. In the United States, most voters are either Democratic or Republican; and, for example, Republicans accept George W. Bush (he left office in 2009 with a Republican approval rating of 75%, but a Democratic approval rating of 6%) even though he lied us into invading Iraq, and Democrats accept Barack Obama (his latest approval rating is 90% from Democrats but 11% from Republicans) even though he tried to lie us into invading Syria and was stopped only when British intelligence warned David Cameron and leaked to Seymour Hersh that the 21 August 2013 Syrian sarin attack which Obama was using as a pretext for his planned invasion had been done by the jihadists that Obama was arming, not by Assad as Obama was falsely claiming. (An independent American investigation found exactly he same thing.) (And, Obama knew that if he couldn’t get Britain in on the invasion, the invasion would need to be cancelled. And, as things turned out, he couldn’t get Britain in on it. Cameron didn’t want to become another Tony Blair.) All of the U.S. ‘news’ media hid all of this from the U.S. public, but Americans nonetheless trust U.S. ‘news’ media enough to subscribe to them and to buy what they advertise. And Republicans still trust George W. Bush, and Democrats still trust Barack Obama — despite their proven lies (which U.S. ‘news’ media hide and have hidden: the most crucial lies are the ones that the ‘news’ media, of both political Parties, refuse ever to expose; so, the ‘news’ media are locked into continuing their previous lies about those matters — lies such as the official story about 9/11, which are the government’s lies that the nation’s press still accepts as being truths).

On September 14th, Gallup bannered “Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low” and reported: “Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly’ has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from [the 40%] last year [and this plunge, from that 40% down to the present 32%, is actually a 20% plunge, not merely ‘down eight percentage points’, but 20% down from the prior year — the steepest plunge in the poll’s entire 19-year history, even steeper than the 18.52% plunge in 2004 after no WMD were found in Iraq].” However, Americans continued to trust those ‘news’ media enough to subscribe to them and to buy what’s advertised on them; so, evidently, that 32% figure still isn’t yet low enough to affect matters in any fundamental way.

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4 comments to U.S. Public Don’t Care if Politicians Lie

  • Bob

    Excellent article! It doesn’t leave much room for hope that anything will change for the better, and it goes against the idea that people are all for Trump because they realize something is deeply wrong with the nation: they haven’t got a GD clue. And I feel sorry for those who’ve spent years trying to convince the public that the official story of 9/11 is nonsense; the debunkers have gotten nowhere, and it would seem their quest is hopeless. A small minority of the public knows full well that the great bulk of what the authorities tell us is a lie, but most are asleep or stupid; they don’t know anything is wrong and don’t want to know.

  • Randy0302

    What has Trunp lied about? I have never seen anyone tell more truths in my life!

  • AgShaman

    “A Republic, if you can keep it.” – Ben Franklin

    …and we haven’t kept it, which makes it painful to read/listen to people yammerin’ about how Democracy has been lost in America.

    I don’t give a **** about democracy in America. I’m more concerned about how many dunces don’t know we are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic operating under a rule of law that provides checks and balances that were intended to keep the sheep from getting eaten by the wolves that have convinced the world how wonderful democracy is.

    How strange, that a country, with the help of liars parroting ‘Democracy'(aka: politicians) has removed the historical backgrounds of our Constitutional Republic….and has infected the planet with the BS nonsense of democracy building and encouraging its own populace to regurgitate the empty promise of democracy.

    This article seems like crap to me.

    The problem is not with our politicians….the problem is with the general population. The problem is us….a nation of clueless dunces with no historical foundation of our true background.

    I include myself as being part of the “us” problem.

    I have taken off the “kid gloves” when it comes to dealing with my fellow amerikwans.

    There is too much at stake in this final conflict…and I don’t wanna live my life helping to perpetuate the fraud of a “democracy” that doesn’t give 2 ****s about the people of this planet that are not members of this “club” of parasites.

    Edwin Vieira Jr’s “Sword and Sovereignty” comes to mind, considering the rule of natural law is a necessary component for a civilized society.

  • tomche

    Am right with ya, Ag…

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