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U.S. election: a Hillary health hypothesis

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

‘m noted for taking Contrarian positions on various subjects, so let me offer my own hypothesis on the “sudden deterioration” of the health of Hillary Clinton (aka the Wicked Witch).

1) My own “prediction” all along is that it is the Republicans’ turn to sit on the throne in the U.S.’s Tweedle-Dee/Tweedle-Dumb “democracy”, and so it is a Republican seat-stuffer who will emerge as the victorious puppet who serves the oligarchs — one way or another.

2) It was supposed to be Jeb Bush who stuffed that seat, the latest in a long line of Bush traitors. But to try to get Jeb the Republican nomination, the oligarchs only allowed retreads and political midgets who were so mediocre that they could not prevent the Court Jester, Donald Trump from winning the nomination. Jeb Bush didn’t even make it to the end of the race.

3) The Court Jester was originally independent. But after bringing in a Goldman Sachs money-man to handle his finances, and allowing a Washington insider to take over his campaign, he is obviously no longer independent, thus the oligarchs are content to allow Trump to be their seat-stuffer.

4) The Wicked Witch was supposed to be merely an “opponent”, like in professional boxing. Make it look like a good “fight”, but lose. Also, she was handed the Democrat nomination because nobody likes her, and she is tied to the incumbent regime. It was supposed to be virtually impossible for her to win, even in a fair fight.

5) But the Court Jester is such an irredeemable idiot and loud-mouthed buffoon that he has already completely alienated a large chunk of the electorate. So the oligarchs told Hillary to take the proverbial “dive”.

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