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Tucson Police Officer Speaks Out-Black Lives Matter Is a Fraud-Most Blacks Respect the Police

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I recently had a police officer write to me about what they are discovering are the feelings of everyday black people toward whites as well as the police. I removed all the personally identifying information because the police can be so vindictive toward their own.

Contrary to the MSM, Most Blacks Do Not Hate White People

Black lives do matter, but so do all other lives. The organization, Black Lives Matter, founded and funded by former Nazi, George Soros, is a despicable group. Myself and many others have concluded that Black Lives Matter is a fraud as well as a terrorist organization. There only purpose is to stir feelings of racial division that otherwise would not exist to a large degree. And they certainly they do not represent the views of the majority of black people.

The following is an email sent by a police officer discussing how black people actually demonstrate respect for the police. However, much of the leadership of the police is treasonous and is working against the will of the people, including black people. It also reveals how too many of the police chiefs serve the New World Order and the UN order of the Strong Cities Initiative.

Hello Dave, I’m a more recent listener and LOVE your show! Thank you for speaking the truth!!

I am an officer for the Tucson police department and work patrol. I am worried about this anti-police/ race deal that is being contrived . We don’t get it down here. I have black people walk up to me all the time and tell me they support us and don’t feel at all the way the media is portraying the issues. Our current Chief is on board with Obama/Hillary and is trying to sign over our department fully to this “21st Century policing” agenda. Although it is wrapped in a pretty package, if you look at the details, the end game is a neutered police that is completely federalized. It takes away the power of the states and individual voters. Its scary. I know that’s why they are searching out shooting incidents with a fine tooth comb, looking for anything that makes cops look incompetent. And it’s working. Our department is implementing retraining “to be ahead of the curb”.

Honestly, these little change are quickly breeding lawlessness. For instance, when our department rolled out the ” no pursuit” policy for fleeing vehicles, word hit the street within weeks and now only the good guys stop for traffic. What the 21st century policing wants and is already doing in some departments, is you can’t shoot someone with a gun, even if they are shooting you, unless you first ask them what their intentions are. Also, you cannot put your hands on someone to apprehend them for a misdemeanor crime if they resist. And there is so much more, along with the spreading of the transgender agenda by soon having to ask EVERY PERSON how they wish to be addressed, ma’am, sir, or other pronoun.

Its my opinion that this policing agenda is to create more local chaos, (because it will, quickly) and then there will he the need for complete federalization of police.


When you talk to people on the street, they tell a far different story than the MSM. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians and any other group need to recognize our commonalities and band together against the repressive administration that has hijacked our government and are destroying our civil liberties along with it.

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