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Trump Won? His Attacks on the Fed and Politics Need to Go Even Deeper

from The Daily Bell:

Fed on ropes as Yellen seeks to fend off Trump blows … Populist attacks from all sides make central bank vulnerable to calls to rein it in, say analysts. – Financial Times

The Financial Times continues to provide a blow-by-blow description of Trump’s attacks on central banking.

Trump is hurting the Fed, and well he should. Things will likely get a lot worse before they get better.

Janet Yellen picked a bad time to accept the job. And worse, she has not been able to raise rates, meaning that sooner or later a tsunami of easy money will flood the West and the world. It will be an era, as we’ve pointed out, resembling the 1970s, but on steroids.

Nobody said to her, “Ms. Yellen, the people you are counting on to protect the Fed intend to tear it down,” but that is what’s happening.

Unfortunately, you don’t build world government by plebiscite. It’s not put to a vote.

Banking elites have one way to create real global governance and that is via continued destruction of the current system.

Only when mere shards are left will desperate and dying people agree that the system that has created their plight ought to be expanded, deepened and further globalized.

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20 comments to Trump Won? His Attacks on the Fed and Politics Need to Go Even Deeper

  • videoctr

    (FYI: Sean, I think this deserves it’s own topic on your website) The debate was rigged in Hillary’s favor? Watch this video demonstrating how Hillary was signaling the moderator.

  • Guido

    From allegations that the reprehensible crone was secretively communicating with Holt, to allegations that she was forwarded the questions in advance, to even the highly-plausible scenario that she was fitted with high-tech lenses that provided answers and coaching, it’s looking more and more likely that this debate was rigged in her favor in more ways than one. What we can say beyond any doubt whatsoever is that Holt’s behavior essentially made him the third candidate, a candidate who was operating for the sake of Hellery from start to finish.

    But even with all the foul play that she so took for granted, Trump certainly wasn’t the flop the MSM portrayed him to be. He simply isn’t the slick-talking pathological liar and cheat that Hellary is. She has spent a very long time perfecting those skills, so it makes sense she would shine in the eyes of those whose minds aren’t wrapped tight enough to know any better, as well as those who believe that to be successful in life, lying and cheating are wholly acceptable.

    We don’t know for sure what Trump’s strategy is in its totality (all three debates). Based upon what Roger Stone told Alex Jones after the debate, Trump was told not to come off overly aggressive Monday night, particularly since his opponent is a woman (well, that’s debatable) and it would be used against him later. But if I had to guess, I would say that the semi-defensive posture he used on Monday probably won’t be repeated in the second and third debates. I’m sure this is all part of the grand plan.

    Everyone expected Trump to come out both guns blazing, but he threw a curve ball instead. The MSM was forced to go into spin mode and scrap their pre-scripted analysis. Their intention had been to portray him as an aggressive bully who only knows how to throw low blows, but instead ended up painting him as a weak and ineffective buffoon who collapsed under pressure from an experienced woman. Either way, their analysis certainly wouldn’t be positive, something Trump alluded to during the debate when he mentioned that the MSM provides the hag perpetual cover.

    The rematch and rubber match ought to be interesting. Trump’s gloves will likely come off in those debates, but also expect the crone to ramp up her dirty tactics considerably. Surely Team Hellary are anticipating a more aggressive Trump, so they won’t let any opportunity go to waste, particularly if they can pull things out of Trump’s past that can be twisted in their favor. The Team from Hell will continue to do what Satan does best: LIE AND DECEIVE. That’s all they know.

    • videoctr

      I have seen professional consultants prepare and coach people who have to give statements to the TV press. Key coaching takeaways are:

      1. Do not react to the questions. The camera wants to see your reactions, after all it’s a visual medium, reporters will try to knock you around. Do not react Keep smiling. (Hillary’s smile was smug, very suspect in my opinion)

      2. Give the reporter his/her sound bite, 15 seconds worth, they will leave happy, plan the sound bite you want them to have in advance.

      3. Return to your message box (like a batters box in baseball) when they attempt to knock you out of your box with a hardball question, return to YOUR message you want to deliver.

      Remember, it is not what you say that is important, rather it is how you look and the way you say it. (disgusting isn’t it?)

      The information I just gave you would have cost you a lot of money, so if anyone would like to send me a personal check, I will accept it. I think I should send this to Trump 🙂

      • videoctr

        “Remember, it is not what you say that is important, rather it is how you look and the way you say it. (disgusting isn’t it?)”

        I may have exaggerated a bit to make my point on this one. Of course the message is important, but the delivery of the message is a variable in the equation. Lastly, there is talk of Trump being triggered by Hillary. To win, Trump will need to trigger the audience to want to vote for him. He has to convince them, not Hillary.

        Just my 2 cents.

      • Guido

        You got it, this is standard procedure across the board. Perception is everything. Part of Trump’s appeal to ordinary Americans is that he doesn’t give a sh*t about any of that. He is who he is, taken him or leave him. But knowing the demon that he’s up against, it would do him well to take at least some of that advice. We all know he’s more than capable of being aggressive and landing the KO, but it must be CONTROLLED aggression – poignant but concise, back to the center of the ring, then repeat. Chip away, wear her down, knock her out.

  • tomche

    The clinton’s and their NWO patriarchs will stop at nothing to get her in. Nothing. Failing that, they will try to steal the election.

  • K

    Forget brothers and sisters.
    Trump intentionally shanked the debate.
    Come on, how can you people not see this ?
    He could have rammed her on any of a multitude of issues.
    What about the Clinton Foundation? Instead he fumbled about on his taxes.
    What about the Benghazi Disaster? Instead wasted time talking about Birther Issues.
    What about the missing emails? FFS man come on peole !

    Why do people keep getting suckered into this nonsense ?
    TRUMP intentionally sold out the debate. He is a DEEP STATE AGENT.

    WE are screwed.
    Wake up to that fact people.
    We need to grow the heck up, and real fast.

    It gets worse before it gets better, that is the rule, always.

    Have courage, the rest will come…

    • Guido

      It’s called the Art of War. It’s sensible strategy NOT to blow your load in the first debate. There’s two more debates on the way. Pacing yourself and landing your blows intelligently is the key, not exposing your hand right off the bat like some are foolishly suggesting he should have done. On the other hand, if he continues on this course and doesn’t alter his strategy, then it will be safe for me to assume that something is amiss.

      • videoctr

        Never show your true strength. Got it.

        I would like to know if Trump is doing practice sessions? He should if that is not happening. He needs to be desensitized to every possible trigger-question or trigger-comment thrown his way and practice his reply sound bite. Michael Savage said, CIA psychology coaches may have helped Hillary.

        I would suggest Trump needs to up the head game, with his own psy-op team. (If they can be trusted)

      • K

        Dear Sir,

        Please kindly stop being so naive.
        When has elections ever done anything good for the people?
        DO you really think that this election is going to be any different?
        With computerized voting? You are so naive.

        The FEDERAL RESERVE must be stopped. That is the only real goal here.
        Nothing will change unless you stop DEBT-based currency owed to a European Jewish Family: Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Warburg, Schiff.

        Funny how they are all jewish isn’t it?
        When you give a small cabal of people, the POWER TO CREATE MONEY from nothing, what do you think is going to happen ?

        You are terminally naive.
        Hope and change right?


        • Guido

          Dear Sir,
          Please kindly stop being so negative. I’m well aware of the Jewish/Zionist influence in the affairs of the nation and the world. I’m also well aware that there’s a particular group of people that gravitate to this site who make far too much out of this influence, and who attempt to find a Jew hiding behind every corner and underneath every rock. It is fear-mongering of the worst kind, the result of which is to render us powerless to change by forcing us to ask “what’s the sense?” Maybe those who perpetrate such fear-mongering are actually the Jews themselves, done to demoralize and mentally defeat us.

          Please don’t bother me with your garbage and attempt to suck me into this tired debate. I’ve seen it all before on this site far too many times, and I know all too well where it leads: NOWHERE.

          Good riddance.

          • K

            You are a blind oblivious fool.

            Anyone who has courage and a modicum of intelligence understands that the Rothschilds control the ISSUANCE of MONEY since 1697.

            Does your small brain understand what that means ?
            You have been contaminated with so many lies, you can’t even see the rapists and mass murderers that are in charge of your life.

            Pathetic really. Your own fears and your own insecurity and fear allows those very same Zionists and Controllers of Money to continue this fake war.

            You people really are blind fools who will never wake up until it is too late.
            In fact, I can hear the fear in your voice, in your reply.

            You can hear how afraid you really are.

            • KRELL427

              Silver is the simple solution so one can enjoy life in the mean time.

            • Guido

              When you learn to respect those you converse with and do away with your provocative name calling and insults, maybe then there can be a positive discourse. In the meantime, I have no use for people like you.

              • K

                You are a fool.
                Why do you think America and most of Western society is going down the toilet ?

                Because of pussified-she-men like yourself.
                You cannot understand a debate that challenges your small mind.

                When you ask yourself -while you are updating your facebook profile- why society is going down the toilet, LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

                The answer is there.
                Understand that you are being controlled by FEAR.
                Once you understand that the USD, CAD, EUR, JYP are ALL DEBT-based currency owed to a European Jewish Family,

                maybe maybe maybe then you will be closer to the truth
                until then you are a little girl afraid of talking like an adult about adult issues

                your mind cannot comprehend what is going on
                thus you enslave yourself with idiotic hopes and dreams of change

                Au and Ag is the only answer
                Clawback the TRILLIONS that have been stolen.

                NOT YOU OBVIOUSLY.

    • AgShaman


      How strange, to have so much dirt on somebody….and not use any of it. Either he’s stalling, in hopes that her health unravels further.

      …or the soylents are getting massaged back into the left/right vaudevillian paradigm show

      • K

        Your latter response is entirely correct.

        This is a LEFT/RIGHT Vaudevillian Show that will end all shows.

        TRUMP is a 100% Female.
        CLINTON very likely died weeks ago. You are watching a combination of Video Editing Fakery CGI, Body-doubles, Clones/Robots who knows what else.

        Americans have no imagination. Imagination is the source of all intelligence.
        Instead we people are allowed to believe in anything, but know nothing.
        I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with people about this LEFT/RIGHT nonsense. People say its: Progressive-ism, Marxism, Communism, Fascism.

        My reply is always the same: Who cares what you call it!
        You fools!
        This is one thing and one thing only:

        CONCENTRATION OF POWER into a small cabal of un-elected technocratic obscenely wealthy Central Bank Owning Satanic Rothschild Family agents.

        That is it.
        There is no capitalism, never was, no fascism, no socialism.
        Stop using those USELESS phrases and terms. The urine stream of the Mainstream Media is feeding this shite to fill your minds with nonsense.

        Concentration of POWER.
        That is what is happening.
        To do that we need disintermediated systems.
        Gold/Silver based is NUMBER ONE.
        Disintermediated banking and finance is number two.
        Politics is disintermediated (direct control) is number three.

        We can do this.
        We have too!

  • C.I.

    “WE are screwed.
    Wake up to that fact people.
    We need to grow the heck up, and real fast.”

    Yr in America so do something!


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