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Trump Slams CNN For Editing Out Clinton ‘Bomb’ Quote; “Disgusting, Disgraceful”

“These people are the most dishonest people”

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

CNN featured Clinton taking a question from a reporter on her campaign plane, agreeing that Trump was being insensitive for calling the attack in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York a “bombing,” despite Clinton referring to the incident as a “bombing” just moments before.

The network then repeated the stunt a second time, with host Jake Tapper slamming Trump for leaping to conclusions, again failing to play the clip where Clinton describes the incident as a “bombing”.

“CNN is disgusting and disgraceful,” said Trump, adding that he was treated more fairly by Fox News.

The Republican presidential candidate also made reference to another example of media censorship, when CBS News edited out Bill Clinton saying that Hillary Clinton “frequently” had medical episodes.

“These people are the most dishonest people, CNN is so disgusting and dishonest, and I watch it, it’s so unfair, they call it the Clinton news network,” said Trump.

“She used the word ‘bombs’ also by the way….I was criticized for calling it correctly – what I said was exactly correct,” he added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Trump slammed “stupid” leaders for being soft on terrorists.

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2 comments to Trump Slams CNN For Editing Out Clinton ‘Bomb’ Quote; “Disgusting, Disgraceful”

  • Ed_B

    ““CNN is disgusting and disgraceful,” said Trump…”

    Which is precisely why CNN went from being the world’s premier news agency to being a totally worthless pile of crap to which no one with an IQ above room temp pays the slightest bit of attention. They sold their credibility for a slice of political agenda pie, never once considering that it was the only thing of REAL and LASTING value that any news agency has. Once it was gone, they were done. As the ad dollars leave to find more eyeball-rich environments, they will completely wither on the vine and disappear. They are the Dodo birds of the news business… and MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC are hot on CNNs heels in their race to the bottom of the muck pit… and complete oblivion. Good on ’em!

  • tomche

    CNN – Clinton Narrative Network. Spinning lies you’d never dreamed you could get away with before!

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