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Trump Considering Using Seized Drug Cartel Money To Pay For Border Wall

“It would be sweet justice to use their illegal profits and property for something good.”

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

A report published Thursday evening suggests that the Trump campaign is considering floating a proposal to use money seized from Mexican drug cartels and people traffickers to pay for the planned border wall.

LifeZette, the conservative website owned by pundit and radio host Laura Ingraham, says that sources within Trump’s team are mulling over the idea in light of the increased scrutiny over how such a wall would be funded.

“A senior Trump policy adviser stressed the proposal was just one of several funding options being discussed and said the idea was not raised during Trump’s meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.” the report notes.

“Sources close to both the Mexican government and the Trump campaign have confirmed that this proposal exists.” the piece adds.

It is thought that the idea will enable both the US and Mexican governments to politically get behind the idea of securing the border.

“The plan could involve the creation of a ‘joint border security fund,’ where assets seized by law enforcement in both nations are deposited, then deployed for construction and maintenance of the border structure to the benefit of both Mexico and the United States.” the report also notes.

The amount of money seized from the illicit drug trade last year exceeded $8.7 billion, according to an annual Justice Department’s audit. That amount also does not include any money seized from cartels by the Mexican government.

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3 comments to Trump Considering Using Seized Drug Cartel Money To Pay For Border Wall

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Make the foundations quite deep, Donald.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Sounds like a Good idea to me. And it would be less expensive with arresting 11 million illegals in this country, and making their sentence “incarcerated-community service” (building the wall), and then deport them on the side where they belong.

    Change our “citizenship laws” so that at least ONE parent has to be a full citizen PRIOR to the birth of that “anchor” baby. Many nations on this planet to not grant citizenship merely because of being born inside the national borders. It’s time we change it and make it “retroactive” for everybody with a criminal record, DWI, or collecting welfare and not paying taxes (income tax & SSI) into the system.

    At least this way, we will allow the honest, careful, good working people to remain and given a “path” to citizenship that also includes perhaps a $5,000 fine and a probationary period of 5 years where they cannot be involved in drugs, drunk driving, criminal acts, etc.

    And if the government “intercepted” all “Western Union/MoneyGram” payments going south, and took a 20% “tax” on it, and checked all “snail mail” for money orders and found some way to put the 20% tax on those too, it would help to build the wall.

    And a notice could be attached to that money transfer, giving notice that if the “sender” is an illegal, that in about 90 days, any future money transfers going to that same family, will be taxed 50%, no matter WHO’s name is listed as the sender until the illegal has turned themselves in on their way BACK across the border going home to Mexico. THen the “receiving” family will be allowed to receive money transfers without the extra tax (but the 20% tax will still be applied to everybody until the USA has fewer than 2 million illegals inside the USA.)

    Like I said previously, we need to adopt the SAME laws that Mexico has on THEIR BOOKS concerning “illegals”. (No driver’s license, no benefits, no right to work, no voting, no kids allowed in schools, felony, no utility services, etc.)

    • anon

      Sergio of the Jungle, and Craig Escaped Detroit both make good points.

      Also, have a fleet of drones (with 360 degree surveillance cameras) fly over/along that wall 24/7 to monitor all activity going on, on both sides of that wall, continually. Americans need to put technology to use for the good of the country, rather than for the good of the “Jew” World Odor.

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