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“Crash and Burn”: Global Economy Arrives At Crucial Juncture

from The Daily Coin:

What is happening today, as these words are typed, the G20 meeting is going on and the world monetary “leaders” are discussing the next step(s) to be put into place to move the system in one direction or the other. We have two very different camps – Eastern and Western. Very distinct differences, with very different thoughts about the next step(s). Whenever I comment about what could happen I do my level best to use the words on public record to support my comments and support the reasons I take my particular position. It is very clear China and Russia have an agenda and the U.S./U.K are going to do everything they can to keep the current system in place as it is the absolute source of their immense power. The bad news for these criminals is the people the world over are getting wise to how the system works. People are becoming aware of the fact the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) should be used in one location and one location only – the U.S.. The U.S. Treasuries are becoming more hated everyday. Mexico has offloaded billions of dollars in U.S. Treasuries in the past 14 months. When your closet neighbor no longer supports your actions you have a serious problem. The FRN has a serious problem. The bonds/treasuries tied to the FRN have a serious problem – Federal Reserve Notes take another step towards terminal illness every. single. day.

According to Business Insider, China President Xi Jingping, is tired of talking and wants action from the G20. China has been the global leader in manufacturing for the past the several years, even decades, and has been flexing it’s muscle more and more when the spotlight is shining brightest. Who can blame him? China, not only has the largest population of the planet, it has a vast economic network that stretches over the globe. China, not the U.S. or any of the Western “allies”, have reached out to some of the more important economies around the world.

As we, The Daily Coin, have said a number of times, China is making business and the U.S. is making war. There is altogether a different approach to someone when they knock on your door requesting assistance or to work together when you have been bombing them or their neighbor as opposed to approaching them to conduct business. How would you react to these two very different people knocking on your door?

You can read for yourself the difference in how the U.S. approaches every situation with this simple passage fromBusiness Insider.

The global economy is being threatened by rising protectionism and risks from highly leveraged financial markets, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the open of a two-day summit of leaders from G20 nations. 

His warning on Sunday followed bilateral talks with Barack Obama that the U.S. president described as “extremely productive”, but which failed to bring both sides closer on thornier topics such as tensions in the South China Sea. 

Why would the situation with in the South China Sea even be brought up? Because you are coming from a war stance? Because the neocons in the White House and Pentagon instructed you to bring it up? Did China defer, absolutely. Why? Because this meeting is about the global monetary, financial and economic systems, not war. But if you are a Nobel Peace Prize totting warmonger, well, war is always on the table.

What did China bring to the table? Well, business.

The global economy has arrived “at a crucial juncture”, Xi said, in the face of sluggish demand, volatile financial markets and feeble trade and investment. 

“Growth drivers from the previous round of technological progress are gradually fading, while a new round of technological and industrial revolution has yet to gain momentum,” he said. 

Xi also called on G20 countries to match their words with actions.

We should turn the G20 group into an action team, instead of a talk shop,” he said. Source

While China is forging it’s own path to sustainable growth and looking to the future, especially in the emerging markets, we find the lapdogs to U.S. policy falling into lock step with the same failed policies that have not worked in over two decades of attempts.

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