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The War on Cash Continues

by Brad Sebion, via SGT

Last Week, in The Wall Street Journal, there was a picture of a man wearing a trench coat. He was holding the coat open and tucked inside was cash. Yes, US legal tender was the conspicuous item. Included with this image was an article by Ken Rogoff.

The Harvard professor and ex chief economist at the International Monetary Fund is now calling for the ban on $20, $50, and $100 bills. He explained cash fuels crime, leads to tax evasion, and terrorism.

This echoes the remarks made by the European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi to get rid of the $500 euro in February. Two weeks later, Larry Summers made a statement implying the United States should ban the $100 dollar bill.

These economists and bankers realize that printing money and reducing interest rates is not going to work forever. The only way to keep the system going is to make all currencies go digital. The cover to use digital money will be all the reasons Ken Rogoff listed. The real push for block chain currencies have mostly to do with the leverage in the banking system and unfunded liabilities that governments can’t deliver on. The FDIC only has 25 billion dollars to cover trillions of liabilities.

In early 2015, Blyth Masters, the former head of commodities at JPMorgan Chase, went to work for Digital Asset Holdings. This company is using Bitcoin’s technology for financial transactions. In April of 2016, Larry Summers became a senior advisor to Bitcoin. The big players in the financial community are making their moves.

If you want no privacy, continued war, and a higher cost of living hop on the digital currency train. If you don’t, educate yourself on the importance of sound money. Let’s get back to a semblance of Capitalism instead of the Alice in Wonderland economy we are stuck in.

Brad Sebion

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6 comments to The War on Cash Continues

  • mr. robot

    this will be hard to fight. they NEED this. regardless, sound money will still soar as a result. juts like the metals did in the 70’s, when cur free. while the blockchain is an amazing technology, i have always said bitcoin and and other crypto’s were not the future… but a test. the blockcain is the plan for the future and a bankers wet dream. once implemented in everyday life; disguised as “the dollar” …there will be literally no end to money supply. and if successful, we are nowhere near the end. this is just the beginning.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Many are still living in fantasy land out there about this. This is real. I’ve been giving you guys heads up about this for about 2 years now. This is all by design. Larry Summers help cause the crash of 2008. 6 weeks after the financial crisis of 2008 the Bitcoin white paper was released. No way this brilliant technology could have been created in such a short period of time. No way the same guy who started the financial crisis ,and is considered one of the most powerful economist and well known, would be starting a Bitcoin company. No way the most powerful persons on Wall street, Blyth Masters, would leave her position to start her own digital asset company in Israel. Unless somebody gave her heads up, For example her ex husband Daniel Masters who started his own Bitcoin company 6 months before she left JP Morgan of which I put in a Youtube video over 2 years ago, bc it seemed very odd. These can’t all be coincidences. Powerful people are creeping into the digital space bc they know that we are moving into a new system. All these cracks in the system are not accidents. It continues to play into the same narrative of problem, reaction and solution.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Wake up!

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Part 2

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I posted this video about two years ago bc I thought it was so Odd that Blythe Masters ex husband was starting his own Bitcoin company while the price was dropping dramatically. This video was about 6 mths before Blythe Masters had anything to do with Bitcoin technology. Surprisingly this and some other odd things convinced me Bitcoin was not created by some random dude and that it was most likely created by the Banking system and NSA for the purpose of settling global trade.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I’ve been exposing why silver has been manipulated downward for a long time. I had to get this out 2 years ago bc it seems like people don’t understand that in order to live in a surveillance state run by technology you have to have cheap technology and the ability to easily advance that technology. Cheap silver allows this to easily occur.

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