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The Truth About the New York Bombing

from Paul Joseph Watson:

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4 comments to The Truth About the New York Bombing

  • d

    As per the MSM, and some scumbag politicians and liberal Hillary supporters….there are NO terrorist…just bigoted Trump supporters….don’t you just love the sickness that has been spread by ‘hillary’….imho

    • Ed_B

      “….don’t you just love the sickness that has been spread by ‘hillary’….imho”

      Yeah. Who says that insanity isn’t contagious?

      On the other hand, one must be careful not to confuse “sick” with “sickening”. :-/

  • Guido

    OK, here’s my conspiratorial mind at work. According to official accounts, Hellary was said to be taken to daughter Chelsea’s apartment after her “fainting spell” last week. And then it was widely reported in the alt-media that Chelsea’s apartment may actually be a medical facility of some sort. The address of the “apartment” is 21 East 26th Street in Manhattan. I find it rather ironic that the blast on Saturday night occurred at 135 West 23rd Street in the CHELSEA section of Manhattan. (No, it was not named after her.) I attempted to map it via MapQuest, but it would not let me. But Google maps does allow it. The two addresses are 1/2 mile apart, which is roughly a 10-minute walk. I’ve been to many concerts in that very neighborhood over the years, but I wanted to see what the specific logistics were. I find the ironies too much to dismiss.

  • Benjamin Miller

    I am so sick of Paul Joseph Watson and his Whitney voice

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