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THE TOP FOUR PRECIOUS METALS: Which Will Be The Best Investments During The Next Financial Crash

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

When the next financial crash occurs, investors need to understand which of the top four precious metals are the best to invest in. Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of faulty analysis that has mislead many investors about the fundamentals of gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

I will provide information in this article on the top four precious metals that has not been covered correctly by the majority of analysts. While some may have touched on individual aspects, very few have put together an in-depth analysis on these metals to properly educate investors.

However, before I get into the details of these top four precious metals, I would like to share some very important information.

When I wrote my article (few weeks ago) titled, THE COMING BREAKDOWN OF U.S. & GLOBAL MARKETS EXPLAINED: What Most Analysts Missed, it generated the most interest and commentary of any of my previous articles. It seemed to have hit a nerve in my followers and new readers.

In that article, I posted some of the charts by Louis Arnoux and the Hills Group. These charts explained the coming “Thermodynamic Collapse” of the oil price and global oil industry… in a relatively short period of time. Since then, I have had several long conversations with Louis on the science and math of their work.

Let me tell you all, any doubts I have had about the accuracy and legitimacy of their work… IS COMPLETELY GONE.

Folks… we are in a real mess. And the damned thing of it all, the world has no clue. While I have been pessimistic about the ramifications of peak oil and the Falling EROI – Energy Returned On Investment for many years, now I understand there is a TIME CLOCK. And, we don’t have much time.

I have mentioned in a few interviews and articles that I was planning to have these gentlemen on for an interview to explain their work on the “Thermodynamic Oil Collapse.” I’d planned to have them on already, but it took more time to understand the science behind their work. Basically, it took more time for me to wrap my mind around the ramifications of this work.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to present this information in a way in which individuals can “GET IT’ or “CONNECT THE DOTS.” Because, once an individual understands this information, it’s like taking the ULTIMATE RED PILL. Once you comprehend it, you can’t go back. Thus, it will force you to look at the world in a completely different way.

I will be wrapping up the discussion between Louis and the Hills Group, and we will have them on in the next few weeks to discuss their work. Moreover, I have decided that we will likely do several interviews to get the point across as well as discuss the dire ramifications.

Lastly, my article THE DEATH OF THE BAKKEN OIL FIELD HAS BEGUN: Means Big Trouble For The U.S., went viral on many sites a week ago. It received nearly 100,000 views on Zerohedge. However, a really bizarre event took place on the website. When it was posted on the site, it received the most comments ever (from what the members stated). Normally, there are only about 35 diehard members that leave comments. Most articles only received between 10-30 comments.

However, my DEATH OF THE BAKKEN article received nearly 300 comments on the site, and the majority of them came from 100+ new members that day. What was really bizarre, was that the comments from these new members were all negative and may have been generated by what is called, a TROLL BOT ATTACK . This is what some of the members of the site were discussing.

The site has been discussing peak oil for years, so the information in my article wasn’t anything new. Although, the way it was presented or the title must have hit a nerve to generate such a large barrage of negative comments. So, it seems as if the global oil industry is in a much bigger trouble than I realized.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming interview on the Thermodynamic Collapse of Oil. It will be the most important information for individuals and investors to understand.

The Important Fundamentals Of the Top Four Precious Metals

Mine Production:

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, there is a lot of incorrect analysis on the top four precious metals that has confused investors to no end. I will try to clear this up.

Let’s look at the annual mine production of silver, gold, palladium and platinum. According to the Gold, Silver & Platinum Group Surveys provided by GFMS (Thomson Reuters), the world produced 877 million oz (Moz) of silver, 101 Moz of gold, 6.7 Moz of palladium and 6.1 Moz of platinum in 2015:

As we can see, there are 9 times more silver produced than gold, 15 times more gold than palladium and 16 times more gold than platinum. Many analysts have erroneously stated that due to the rarity of platinum or palladium, its value should be much higher than gold. Furthermore, other analysts believe the value of silver should be much higher than its current 69/1 price ratio to gold, due to there being only nine times more silver produced than gold.

The silver to gold production ratio may have been more a representation of the market value of these two precious metals hundreds of years ago or in ancient times, due to the way it was extracted from the earth (by human and animal labor). However, this has changed since the late 1800’s, as the energy sources of coal and oil replaced human and animal labor.

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11 comments to THE TOP FOUR PRECIOUS METALS: Which Will Be The Best Investments During The Next Financial Crash

  • fonestar

    Where did all teh commentatoring people go?

  • Millicent

    Steel, Lead, Copper & Tinfoil…

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    The trouble with the claims that Platinum & Palladium are going to become part of “Top 4 PM’s”, (as well as a 5th= “Lithium”), is those metals are only valuable in a highly developed, functioning economy.

    When there is a big crash, and automobiles, and rechargeable electronic devices are not being made because people cannot afford to buy them (because they are too busy trying to buy a loaf of bread and plate full of meat, potatoes and veggies), there will be no need for anything containing Lithium or Platinum group metals. As seen in today’s Venezuela, even GOLD is not at the top of the demand/usefulness category.

    At the TOP of usefulness and spend-ability, is SILVER.

    Even BITCOIN is performing some useful commerce in today’s Venezuela when the power grid is not shut down.
    But in many areas, the power grid is totally shut down for many hours at a time and the Bitcoins cannot flow (just like the water that is supposed to come out of the tap won’t flow either.)

    As Millicent rightly says, guns & ammo are very important down there right now, as they will be in so many areas when the SHTF.

    It always comes down to food, water, & safety. So it’s always wise to stock up on those things (and a means to protect them from being taken away from you.)

    Grow those gardens. Stack those PM’s, fill the pantry, and always have your gun where you can get to it. (and a decent GUN safe for when you have to leave the guns behind for a temporary trip out of the house while “Law & order” still prevails.)
    Decent gun safes are models that weigh MORE than 250 pounds. Anything less, and it will be too easily carried away by a pair of healthy thugs.

    • JMiller


      I am sure you know that even a gun safe weighing 500 pounds or more can be carried away. Any safe needs to be bolted down, preferable to concrete and in a tight location, to make it virtually impossible to move.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        @JMiller, yes, of course I know safes can be moved. I’ve moved a 500 pounder all alone with a big handcart dolly, and using a Bobcat or farmer’s endloader can make easy work of a 1/2 ton safe or more.

        I used to own a forklift I got from Ebay for $1500 that could lift & move 8000 pounds. I basically got it for the price of scrap metal and later scrapped it to get my money back.

        It was a full sized, warehouse forklift. There are machines out there for less than $20,000 that can smash thru a house wall and grab things that weigh 10-20 tons and roll away with it like it was a laundry basket of clothing.

        few people make the effort to bolt them down, and if you live in a mobile home, you can just about forget it.
        And bolting it out in the garage in a super humid place like the gulf coast area would quickly ruin everything. (Yes, I am aware of the little safe heaters that require grid power.)

        99% of smash & grab burglars rarely have anything more than a tire-iron or some bolt cutters, so a plain-Jane, unbolted safe of decent weight will normally prevent thefts (until they return with the proper gear).
        And most thieves are not always the healthiest group because of all the drugs they crave. Looking at the mug-shots is always a fun thing to see.

        One handy little item is the PEPPER SPRAY, trip wire burglar alarm devices that you can buy for about $100. Refills are $15, I always keep a couple refills in the fridge so I can re-arm it right away and not have to wait for the mail to arrive. I got 2 of those units, one for the tool-shed-garage, and one for the house.
        (garages & sheds are targeted far more often than occupied homes.

        Those refill canisters can be activated and thrown into a building or crowd to get them outta there.

        And if you’ve setup a camera, or a motion sensor deer-cam, you’ll have pictures of the choking perp as they run out the door, and then you’ll know who it was, and go “deer hunting” for them or get the sheriff after them. Even if you just need to get some varmints out of the crawl space or attic…handy to have them around.

        • JMiller


          I thought that you did know about bolting down the safe but did not know why you did not mention it since it is very important as is putting the safe in a tight location and not out in the open so it can’t be easily attacked with pry bars or other tools or rocked.

          You mentioned that most burglars rarely have much in the way of tools, which is true, however some burglars do make use the homeowners tools to successfully attack the safe. Homeowners who have a safe should is lock up any power tools.

    • Ed_B

      “When there is a big crash, and automobiles, and rechargeable electronic devices are not being made because people cannot afford to buy them (because they are too busy trying to buy a loaf of bread and plate full of meat, potatoes and veggies), there will be no need for anything containing Lithium or Platinum group metals.”

      Egads! No I-phones? 90% of the yuppies out there will drop dead from the shock of it. Starvation won’t be a problem for them. lol

  • John

    Lead could be the rarest if US has a Civil War over human rights.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I wonder how well ceramic bullets would hold up to the target? yes, total effective distance would suffer, but most engagements take place at very short ranges.

      With a decent ceramic mix, and perhaps either a teflon/tyvek paper patch or a sabot encased round would make it out of the barrel ok.

      I still like the idea of the model rocket motors (the hobby rockets) being used as 12ga. mini rockets with folding fins & fired either electrically or from the shotshell primer.

      (Like a micro version of a LAW rocket.)

      Ammo the hisses instead of going BANG. No recoil either. Heck, you could even shoot it from a PCV water pipe.
      (silenced ammo is fully legal, while silenced muzzles are not.)

    • Ed_B

      That there is no lead mining or smelting in the US today is all part and parcel of the disarming of America, thanks to the Demoncrap party and their zombie followers. Anything that will reduce the availability or raise the price of ammo will be done to further their Marxist ideas.

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