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The Space X Explosion: No UFOs or Aliens, Just 5th Generation High-Tech Weapons

The Space-Xplosion: “We are now dealing with 5th generation modern weapon systems. This is probably 3rd or 4th generation laser technology.

by Ian Greenhalgh and Jeff Smith, Veterans Today:

A week has gone by since I published the article explaining how the Space-X rocket was destroyed. In that time, the internet has been rife with all kinds of far out theories of what happened, many of them involving UFOs and Aliens and a lot of esoteric crap. Well, there is absolutely no room in this narrative for any of that for the simple reason that we know what happened and it leaves no gaps for anything other-worldly, as Jeff explains:

Basically we know what happened who did it and why. No UFO’s. No magic fairy dust etc. Just good old cold war games. The only part that people refuse to believe is that 5th generation high tech weapons exist and work.”

However the Chinese and the Israelis do know this stuff and how it works. The general public would rather believe in UFO’s and vampires first. So it’s an up-hill battle to try and educate them because they refuse to believe in the truth. They still think that the earth is flat etc………

In our previous article, we pointed the finger at the on-board lithium batteries as being the likely material that underwent a fission-fusion event resulting in a small nuclear explosion. After taking time to study the design of the rocket however, we now think that it was the helium carried on board that produced the bang, as Jeff explained:

The part that went bang was full of helium pressurization tanks only. If you hit a pressure tank full of helium with enough x-rays and or neutrons…BANG! This section was made up of carbon fiber and thin aluminum. X-rays will go through that like a hot knife through butter.

So the hohlraum effect took place when the x-rays bombarded the tank of helium?

YES!. The Hohlraum Effect or rather it was a “Hohlraum Explosion” of either the Helium and or the Lithium in the on-board batteries. Single stage fission / fusion triggered by an external X-ray source / laser….Creating a small nuclear explosion in the helium tank / batteries. The bright white flash with the lens flare is it’s optical signature.

The blast is a plasma explosion of the Helium tanks / Lithium batteries in a section of the rocket that has no explosive material in it. The hot plasma spills out setting off a rocket fuel fire/explosion in the second stage fuel tank. So the only question is what ignited the Helium?. Only high power radiation can do that.


There was no overpressure or blow out of structural material in the first explosion it was all thermal radiation. The blast came later. The satellite then fell to the ground many seconds later proving that it still had structural support.

The lens flare proves that the source of radiation came from behind the camera producing standing waves that make the lens flare. Good old optics 101. How do you get rid of lens flare in a photo shoot? Move the camera’s position or change the lighting angle.


The ‘Orb’

Everyone has seen the video now and the clearly visible round ‘orb’ that moves across the screen from right to left. The tinfoil hat people have been bombarding me with emails about this orb and my failure to identify it as an alien craft armed with strange beam weapons that defies the laws of physics or something similarly esoteric.

Sorry folks, it’s a drone, very terrestrial, very much made by humans, very much not ET or alien or anything weird, nor is it defying physics or flying at incredible speed, as Jeff explains:

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9 comments to The Space X Explosion: No UFOs or Aliens, Just 5th Generation High-Tech Weapons

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Good old boys at the military-industrial complex don’t want to lose any contract money going to the independent Space-X company, eh?

    When ever big money is involved, the insiders hate any competition. It’s a very old tradition.

    Mafia, gov’t, religion, news media, tv, music, cement contractors, Waste Management, restaurant operators, Teamsters, politicians, husbands, wives, lovers, sibling rivalry, military positions, etc.

    If somebody wants something & you are in their way, watch your back, watch your sides, and watch your front. Don’t eat the food or drink the drinks. (remember the Polonium 210?)

    Or Karen Silkwood (nuclear company whistleblower) home got the plutonium dust in the fridge? She died.

    • KRELL427

      I would not trust anything related to Elon Musk. Scammer. Why would China use him when the US uses Russian rockets. This looks like a magician’s smoke screen while the real action is elsewhere.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Sensitive toes? How about a company that used to make STAINLESS STEEL cars that will NEVER rust?
    (Delorean). Do you think there was some BIG money out there that wanted to kill that kind of product?

  • Daniel

    C’mon people. Can’t believe your lying eyes or ears.

    Hillary’s 100% healthy top of her game.

    Hillary really really really really really really…did I say really…. really really gives a shit about the xnophobic homophobic islamophobic racist half of
    Trump’s basket of deplorables. (Knock Knock on all you complete blithering idiots
    who drink her cool-aid, cough cough weez weez,,bring out the clone).

    Obama’s got us in the greatest….no, excuse me. the GREATEST economic recovery since
    Herbert Hoover in the GREAT depression. Welcome to BIZARRO-WORLD.

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