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The Ritualistic Assassination of Princess Diana

from David Icke:

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2 comments to The Ritualistic Assassination of Princess Diana

  • C.I.

    When “The Thirteenth Pillar” was mentioned………….I stopped watching.

    Rambling this lecture.

    David has done better than this.


  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Some people go “overboard” on some topics. This is one of those times. I’m surprised it didn’t end up in a Harry Potter conspiracy.

    Sure the royals hated her pushing for peace & land mine ban (of course the UK is a big weapons exporter and has their fingers in conflicts & stuff all over the world), and yes, I’m sure they were enraged that the ex-princess may have been pregnant with a bastard arab baby & was going to marry the arab, etc.

    But it really does come down to the British obsession with Diana & the super obsessed Paparazzi following-hounding her at every opportunity, and the drunken driver trying to outrun the ‘reporters’ just drove like a typical drunk idiot on a mission and crashed the car at “drunk speed”.
    Drunken drivers do it all the time, especially if they are trying to get away from something that’s chasing them.

    It was convenient for the royals that Diana’s next marriage and arab baby never happened, but hey, sometimes a convenient accident by a drunken driver is really just the fault of the crazy drunk idiot.

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