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The Global Economic Mess, Silver Mining and Chinchillas

from The Daily Bell:

Shawn Perger is based in Vancouver Canada and has worked in the international financial markets for 30 years with a primary focus on mining.  For the last 15 years, he has worked with mainly silver companies in corporate finance and communications capacities.

The Daily Bell: Let’s start at the beginning for those who are new to Golden Arrow. Explain a bit more about what you do.

Shawn Perger:  I support mining companies, mainly in silver production. I am located in Vancouver, which is the center of junior resource exploration. It’s afforded me great opportunities to meet and associate with some of the best people in the business and some of these companies have had tremendous success.

Golden Arrow is one such success than I am very proud of; I have been with the company going on four years since the first drilling was underway on the Chinchillas property our flagship. I came to the company because of the management team’s proven expertise. They have a track record in discovering world-class mineral deposits. In fact, the promising Chinchillas property is their third economic discovery.

The Daily Bell: Sum up the opportunity of Chinchillas and Silver Standard.

Shawn Perger: Golden Arrow’s Chinchillas deposit is one the world’s newest and one of the largest primary silver deposits that is on a fast track to production with an agreement in place with the 7th largest primary silver producer, Silver Standard. That mining firm happens to be a short distance from our Chinchillas property, and they are excited about the promise of Chinchillas because their silver mining in the area has diminished.

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