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The 911 Conspiracy with Lionel – What Not To Look For

from Press For Truth:

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Lionel, an Emmy Award winning nationally syndicated American radio and television personality, media, political, and legal analyst about his views on how 911 research ought to be carried out in order for it to move in a positive direction.

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1 comment to The 911 Conspiracy with Lionel – What Not To Look For

  • WB Carson

    I really don’t believe the general public has a proper perspective on the miracle that happened on 9/11 (if you buy the official narrative, that is). They need
    a perspective that they can clearly conceptualize. Take a look at the following image and see if you can ever drink a cup of coffee again without reflecting on what it is we are told to believe. Post it on your website.

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