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Soros’ Puppet Obama Going to do Exactly As He’s Told: Sign Climate Change Treaty

by Michael DePinto, Freedom OutPost:

In an article from earlier this week titled, China and US to Ratify Landmark Paris Climate Deal Ahead of G20 Summit, Sources Reveal, we learned that once again Obama plans to blatantly violate the Constitution in the most extreme way, and odds are no one will stop him.

You might recall the initial framework of the Paris Climate Accord was signed back after the Paris shooting. That was when Obama told the world that climate change posed more of a risk to civilized society than radical Islam. The following is paraphrased from the the article, and then afterward in the video, I shred liberals’ arguments that Obama has the power to do what he is doing. Once again, Obama is taking the law into his own hands, and handing American sovereignty over to the U.N., which he has no authority to do. The article says:

“There are still some uncertainties from the US side due to the complicated US system in ratifying such a treaty, but the announcement is still quite likely to be ready by Sept 2,” said a source, who declined to be named.

The pact agreed by representatives from 195 countries in Paris last December aims to keep the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius on pre-industrial levels.

In June, the US said it would “work towards” approving the deal before end of the year, with the White House keen to seal a key part of Obama’s environmental protection legacy before he leaves office in January.

US law allows the nation to join international agreements in a number of ways, including through the authority of the president. [NO, IT DOESN’T]

While China has “few uncertainties” at home for passing the deal, it could cause controversy within the US, according to Liu Shuang, an officer with Energy Foundation’s low-carbon development programme.

But the Obama administration’s commitment to international frameworks suggests the accord would be passed in a way that would make it difficult for his successors to undo, civil society trackers said.


1. Proof that the whole Climate Change hoax is just a means to make money and redistribute wealth (as contained in official U.N. documents).

2. The President has ZERO constitutional authority to sign the climate treaty without approval from the Senate. I will review the difference between an Executive Order, and an Executive Agreement (how Obama plans to dupe the American people into thinking he has the authority).

3. George Soros’s involvement (as usual).

4. What the Paris agreement contains, and why it will crush American families.

5. An interview with the Godfather of “climate change” who none of the liberal hacks will dare debate face to face, as many times as he’s offered, because they know the facts are on his side.


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1 comment to Soros’ Puppet Obama Going to do Exactly As He’s Told: Sign Climate Change Treaty

  • Ed_B

    “Soros’ Puppet Obama Going to do Exactly As He’s Told: Sign Climate Change Treaty”

    In their latest bit of duplicity, the Obamunists are now not calling a “treaty” a treaty. It is now an “agreement”, which somehow means that it is not subject to US Senate review. This is utter BS, IMO. Those who refuse to play by the rules should have the full weight of those rules fall upon them. SQUISH!

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