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SHOCKING !!! PROOF That Hillary Clinton Rally In Greensboro NC IS A “FAKE” – Check It Out

from Victurus Libertas:

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6 comments to SHOCKING !!! PROOF That Hillary Clinton Rally In Greensboro NC IS A “FAKE” – Check It Out

  • Rick Ferreira

    The video is a special effex extravaganza: it appears to be composed of three different layers of video data.

    Layer 1: the foreground with the audience whose vid cams do not show ANY of the information regarding the show that was occurring in front of them. This can be accomplished if a still image of the empty, original stage area was captured. It can be used by software to determine “differences” (the crowd in front) from later material, and eliminate anything that was the “same” as the empty stage.

    Layer 2: Mrs. Clinton at some presentation, somewhere. Some of the people seen behind her, such as the photographer, where probably in the same layer as her. As for the people standing behind with the flags, I have not seen the original playback of this video and cannot say.

    Layer 3: The flags. Yes, she points to the flags and acknowledges them as if there are audience members behind herself. Obviously there are not, so this is a layer in itself that eliminated what was behind her. If she made her presentation against a blue screen for layer 2, the director made an error at this point regarding his pre-planning of how he was going to use his virtual set with the other layer.

    Nice work. There is a gentle blurring around the edges of the people in each layer which bespeaks a composited (blue screen or green screen) process occurring. This is perhaps just a result of video compression, however.

    Unlike the birth certificate, they are hiring real pros to do their fakery these days.

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