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Self-Driving Vehicle Revolution to Wipe Out 4 Million Jobs

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

But we’re not prepared.

Tesla made headlines the other day with the first traffic fatality caused by its “Autopilot” system, which had failed to “see” a big tractor-trailer rig that had pulled right in front of the car. But humans fail to see things too, and gruesome accidents are happening with humans behind the wheel. Last year, 38,300 people were killed in traffic accidents in the US, up 8% from 2014, and 4.4 million were injured enough to require medical attention.

Other manufacturers all have similar or better systems than Tesla’s beta version, but they’re more conservative in their hype and what they allow drivers to do.

On Tuesday, Ford, touting its plans for self-driving taxis and other autonomous-vehicle services, took reporters on a spin through the neighborhood in its self-driving cars. It will roll out its services in big cities first, such as New York and Detroit, and will initially limit the service to cities.

Uber is now starting to test about two dozen partially self-driving Ford Fusions in Pittsburgh, and surely there will be some accidents too. There are always accidents once you put enough vehicles into motion.

Ford is doing it because that’s where the future is. And the money. It’s expecting 20% profit margins from these services, rather than the razor-thin margin in its regular business. Sales of autonomous vehicles might account for 20% of its total sales in the US by the end of this decade, it said. That would be huge, and fast!

GM and other automakers have similar plans. Google, Apple, and many other companies are plying the field, not by making the actual cars – no one cares about them – but by developing the software, sensors, services (such as mapping), and the “passenger” interface (since there won’t be “drivers”) to make the package work. Everyone is doing it. Huge amounts of money and talent are flowing into it.

There will be delays, setbacks, and gruesome accidents. Some people will call for putting an end to this. And others will refuse to get into those cars. But this is happening.

When I replace my car with something that can figure out on its own how to get me safely and quickly to my destination – a moment that can’t come soon enough, as far as I’m concerned – it won’t have much impact on the economy.

But what’s happening in the commercial sector will be a mini-version of the industrial revolution: doing away with professional drivers.

And the magnitude of this problem is breath-taking. Here are some numbers about the people in the US working in the trade:

1.8 million heavy-truck and tractor-trailer long-haul drivers in 2014, expected to grow 4% a year (BLS), with a median pay of $40,260 in 2015. At this growth rate, there will be 1.94 million long-haul drivers by the end of this year.

1.33 million delivery truck drivers in 2014, expected to grow 4% a year (BLS), with a median pay of $27,800 in 2015. They’re picking up and/or delivering packages and small shipments within the city or region, driving a vehicle of 26,000 pounds or less, usually between a distribution center and businesses or households. At this growth rate, there will be 1.44 million drivers by the end of this year.

233,700 taxi drivers and chauffeurs in 2014, growing at 13% annually (BLS). They earned a median pay of $23,510 in 2015. One in five worked part time. This doesn’t – or doesn’t fully – reflect the “rideshare” drivers working for Uber, Lyft, and the like.

“Over 500,000” rideshare drivers are estimated to ply the trade in the US. It’s a high-growth sector: the number of Uber drivers in the US doubled in 2015 from the prior year to 327,000. Half of them worked 15 hours or less per week.

So by the end of 2016, if these numbers play out, there will be over 4.1 million people who drive for a living. Over 3.5 million are doing it full-time.

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1 comment to Self-Driving Vehicle Revolution to Wipe Out 4 Million Jobs

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Self driving cars should greatly reduce accidents caused by drunks, by people who are incompetent or too old to drive, those who insist in texting while they drive, etc.

    Self driving cars will eventually reduce the number of cops writing tickets. (But I think the human driver cars will all be speeding past the “automatics” and will be getting all the tickets.)

    Self driving cars will be wonderful for people who can no longer drive a car, they won’t need to call a taxi, etc.

    But all those situations where a human is needed to make “quick decisions” (such as live animals darting out in front, or kid on a bike, etc), pot-holes, broken muffler in the road, and I’m sure you’ve all seen a sofa, chair or other furniture lost from some idiot who did not properly tie it down.

    Driverless cars don’t know squat about where the “bad side of town” is at and how to avoid punk-gatherings playing basketball in the street, or car jackers waiting at traffic lights to smash/rob/rape. A real live person would know to hit the gas and blow thru a RED LIGHT when a group of “punks” comes running up to your car to rob you. But a driverless car will just sit there and let you get robbed, raped or killed.

    Driverless cars will not know how to LAY ON THE HORN at drunk drivers, wild deer coming onto the road, kids on bikes, dogs or some idiot on the phone who remain stopped long after the light turns GREEN.

    Yes, jobs will be “lost”. No more taxi drivers who speak only Arabic, Hindi or Pashtun, Chinese, etc?

    Just like when horses were made obsolete, jobs were lost. (Street cleaners with shovels, horse shoers (farriers), buggy whip makers, etc. I wonder how many, or how FEW new jobs will come along?

    It looks like we already have TOO many people, and NOT enough jobs (50 million Americans on food stamps), etc.
    Population control, BIRTH control (or as the Ghetto-ites would say= BIRF control).

    We won’t get any decent reduction in birth rates until the FREE stuff stops flowing. Having babies has been a Career Choice for much too long. The baby-money-machine has to stop. Free birth control has to replace it.

    $20-$50 per year for birth control is a LOT cheaper than $50/week/kid. And I feel that no man has any right to tell any woman what she can or cannot do with her own body. Make abortion legal, safe and available to any woman who wants it. Anybody who has a penis should keep their mouths shut.

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