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Rogue Money Radio with ‘VAXXED’ Prodcuer Del Bigtree

from Rogue Money:

The Guerrilla sits down today with the producer of the critically acclaimed movie VAXXED. To discuss what is really going on the in the drug industry, vaccinations and the corrupt economic wind falls by Big Pharma and the Autism Industry.

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2 comments to Rogue Money Radio with ‘VAXXED’ Prodcuer Del Bigtree

  • tomche

    Absolutely EXCELLENT INTERVIEW. It is VITAL that ALL people – especially parents of young children – fight back against this scourge, this viscous attack against our children, against our families and good health, against humanity, all in the name of health and profit. It is repugnant and evil to be sure… But if we do not stop this onslaught, and we allow the pharmaceutical industry to get away with legalizing forced vaccinations, then we have no right to anything.

    We cannot go through life without taking a stand against that which we know to be wrong. Where is the morality in that? At some point, we must stand up and say ENOUGH! Indeed, the cost a free society is eternal vigilance.

    I have 2 small children and this issue (for me) cuts to the core of what life is about. There are people out there in government, in industry who are actively, purposefully trying to kill us, trying to harm our babies – for their profit! Is it not the duty of every parent to protect their children?

    Do what ever you can, please…and do it now. We MUST stop these psychopaths in power. The time for sitting at home, hoping the issue will go away, that it is someone else’s problem…those days are gone. Either stand and fight now, or don’t say a word in criticism of it when it’s your turn and it’s forced upon you or your baby – when you don’t/won’t have a choice.


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