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by TC, SGT Report:

Enclosed is a summary of the OUTSTANDING 2+ Hour documentary   SEE – People Who Control America  which fully exposes the ESTABLISHMENT and its Globalist Agenda. 

Once voters understand the truth – regardless of whether they like TRUMP or not – they will HATE the ESTABLISHMENT and understand that TRUMP is our only hope!

This election is NOT about Democrats vs. Republicans.

This election is NOT about Hillary vs. TRUMP.

This election is about the ESTABLISHMENT vs. Non-ESTABLISHMENT!

The ESTABLISHMENT – (Oligarchy) a relatively small group of people who have control over the US government (including law enforcement ex.- James Comey and Loretta Lynch) irrespective of the wishes of the people.  The Big BANKS, Military Industrial Complex, Big MED, Big PHARMA, Mainstream Media (MSM), and Multinational companies are all integral parts of The ESTABLISHMENT and control our government.

The ESTABLISHMENT is a “REVERSE ROBIN HOOD”- stealing from the poor and giving to the rich! They are responsible for bankrupting the USA ($19T Debt and $103T Unfunded Liabilities) – the US Dollar has lost approximately 98% of its purchasing power vs. Gold since the origination of the FED in 1913 and approximately 97% of its purchasing power vs. Gold since Nixon closed the Gold window in 1971.

The ESTABLISHMENT is also responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of US soldiers and millions of civilians worldwide. Since the Spanish American War (1898) – the USA has NOT been involved in any legitimate war where we were attacked UNPROVOKED! (Ex.- Spanish-American War – sinking of the Maine was a false flag event, WW1- sinking of the Lusitania was an instigated false flag event, WW2 – Pearl Harbor was instigated false flag event, Vietnam War –  Gulf of Tonkin was a fake false flag event, War on Terror 9/11 – false flag event, and WW3 (forthcoming) – we are currently instigating Russia & China.)

Wars = Debt = Death

Winners – ESTABLISHMENT BANKS, Military Industrial Complex, and Globalists.

Losers – The People.

Democratic and Republican Parties – The ESTABLISHMENT controls both parties so it does not care which party wins – as long as it is one of their chosen puppets. Their puppet election campaign promises may differ – but once in office they will promote the same Establishment Globalist Agenda.  

Mainstream Media (MSM) – Is controlled by the ESTABLISHMENT via 6 major corporations. This includes FOX News which is owned by News Corp / Rupert Murdoch.  See Proof!

MSM has evolved from unbiased news organizations into propaganda promoting arms for the Establishment Globalist Agenda.  The ESTABLISHMENT also controls most of the POLLS! Their current agenda is to make it appear that Hillary is way ahead to discourage Trump voters from voting and to encourage more Hillary/Democratic political donations. (I believe the most relevant data point is that more supporters get turned away at TRUMP rallies than actually show up to see Hillary)

What is the ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST Agenda? –  The formation of a “one world” government with the ESTABLISHMENT in charge.  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Group of 30, Trilateral Commission, The Pilgrims Society, and Bilderberg Group are the primary ESTABLISHMENT organizations that create Globalist policy and promote their Globalist Agenda via Politicians, Central Bankers, MSM, Academia, and Hollywood.

What has the ESTABLISHMENT been doing to achieve its GLOBALIST AGENDA? Attempting to make life so bad that countries and people worldwide will seek the ESTABLISHMENT as their solution. This is being achieved by destroying nationalism, economies, and currencies worldwide – along with creating and instigating Racial Tension, Poverty, Chaos, Fear, and War.

  1. Herding – Start by “herding” some of the 196 countries into small groups. ex. European Union, North American Union, United Nations.
  2. Destroy Nationalism – Allowing unrestricted illegal immigration and by removing borders.  (Throwing a Turd into the punchbowl).
  3. Destroy Currencies and Economies – Massive currency debasement (inflation) and exponential debt that is mathematically impossible to repay – ultimately leading to DEFAULT.
  4. Enslave Citizens – Government housing, food stamps, Obamacare, and entitlements to control and capture votes. (Urban Plantations)
  5. Destroy the Rule of Law – separate laws for the ESTABLISHMENT vs. Citizens.
  6. Instigate WW3 – Surround Russia and China with military installations and weapons systems. Create and weaponize ISIS to do the “dirty work” of the Zionists while concurrently supporting the BIG BANKS and Military Industrial Complex.
  7. Population Reduction – Unnecessary Wars, required toxic Vaccinations & Immunizations, and restrict health care (Obamacare). The ESTABLISHMENT goal is to reduce the world population from 7.4b to 500m people.


How is it possible for a relatively unknown Community Organizer or a documented liar to become POTUS?   Because Obama and the Clinton(s) were the “chosen” ESTABLISHMENT puppets!

Why is Hillary NOT in jail?    As their “chosen” puppet she is protected by the ESTABLISHMENT!

Why is MSM so biased in favor of Hillary and why does it continually perpetuate lies against TRUMP?  MSM is the propaganda arm of the ESTABLISHMENT. In the 2016 Presidential race – Hillary is the “chosen” ESTABLISHMENT puppet . Trump’s Nationalist Agenda is a direct threat to the ESTABLISHMENT and it’s Globalist Agenda!

Why do you think the Big Banks were bailed out in 2008 by BUSH after they created the financial meltdown?  BIG BANKS are the foundation of the ESTABLISHMENT and were protected via their chosen puppet Bush(s)!

Why were no bankers jailed under OBAMA?  The BIG BANKS are the foundation of the ESTABLISHMENT and their executives were protected via their chosen puppet Obama!

Why do think CNBC, FOX Business, and Bloomberg NEVER mention that the FED is a Private Corporation owned by the BIG BANKS? Viewers might realize that the 2008 financial meltdown was orchestrated by the ESTABLISHMENT –  a “big steal” to enrich themselves at the expense of the USA citizens!

Is the #1 purpose of the FED, a Private Corporation, is to enrich its shareholders?  The creators of the 2008 financial meltdown were the only ones that benefited from the meltdown – at the expense of the US Citizens! Their stated employment and inflation objectives simply deflections from the truth!

Why do you think the USA is continually engaging in Wars worldwide? To benefit Big BANKS (Wars = Debt = Interest Income) and the Military Industrial Complex that makes a fortune selling weapons, planes, machinery, equipment, etc. Also, world destruction will expedite the ESTABLISHMENT in achieving its globalization agenda!

Why is the Obama/Clinton administration provoking War with nuclear powers Russia and CHINA? Instigating WW3 will expedite the ESTABLISHMENT in achieving its GLOBALIST agenda.

Why don’t we win wars? The ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST agenda is to perpetuate Wars to benefit the BIG BANKS and Military Industrial Complex – ultimately leading to society destruction and an ESTABLISHMENT Globalist controlled world.

Many believe that the USA indirectly created ISIS by weaponizing the Taliban via Benghazi to overthrow (murder)  SEE – the great leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi and to do the “dirty work” of the Zionists in the Mideast.   SEE – PUTIN’s tells the truth about ISIS that you will NOT hear from MSM 

Was the purpose of Hillary’s personal email server to hide the fact that Benghazi was a weaponizing operation to overthrow governments or to hide the criminality of the Clinton Foundation?

Were Obama and Hillary hoping to destroy their Benghazi weaponizing operation evidence by hanging Christopher Stevens, his staff, and protectors out to dry?

Why are some prominent Republicans either not or begrudgingly committing to TRUMP – ex. Cruz, Kasich, Gingrich, McCain, Bush(s), Ryan, Romney, Rove, etc.?  They are signifying that their loyalty is to the ESTABLISHMENT instead of the USA, Republican Party, and their Constituents!

Why are many Billionaires and Corporate Titans ex. Bloomberg, Buffet, Koch(s), Gates, Whitman, Cuban, Cook, etc. not supporting TRUMP?  They are signifying their committed to the ESTABLISHMENT and its Globalist Agenda and have also taught me that   Wealth  Courage + Character!

Does the ESTABLISHMENT have regard for human life? – A Psychopath has no conscious.  How many millions of people died in unnecessary wars over the last 120 years to enrich the ESTABLISHMENT?  Only Psychopaths could instigate the murders 3000 military/Hawaiian citizens at Pearl Harbor and 3000 office/rescue workers on 9/11. If you are interested in learning more about the 9/11 LIES and its similarities to Pearl Harbor   SEE – The BEST 9/11 Documentary Series Ever!   (I suggesting starting at 57:15 in DVD 1)

Why does the Libertarian Party have an anti-gun VP candidate who was a former Chairman of the CFR? In addition to the Democratic and Republican Parties – the Libertarian Party is also controlled by the Establishment.   SEE – The Libertarian Party has “sold out” to the ESTABLISHMENT! and Gary Johnson is not a Libertarian!

Why does the USA make such lousy trade deals? The ESTABLISHMENT GLOBALIST agenda is the destruction of economies- ultimately leading to an ESTABLISHMENT controlled world. Why would the USA citizens ever want to be part of an ESTABLISHMENAT Globalist world if everything was wonderful?

Why has the Autism rate gone from 1:10,000 to 1:45 children over the last 50 years? Because children are required to have knowingly toxic MMR vaccinations!

Why aren’t people allowed to file lawsuits against the CDC and Pharmaceutical companies that have knowingly supplied toxic MMR vaccinations?  The US Congress is owned by the ESTABLSIHMENT (BIG PHARMA). In 1986, The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed, shielding the Pharmaceutical Companies from lawsuits brought by injuries and deaths caused by vaccinations!   There is a CDC Scientist Whistleblower, William Thompson who has evidence that the CDC and BIG Pharma committed fraud by knowingly requiring children to be vaccinated with toxic MMR vaccinations resulting in our exponential Autism rate. Due to William Thompson’s non-disclosure agreement with the CDC – he NOT allowed share this information UNLESS subpoenaed by Congress.

Why hasn’t Congress subpoenaed Whistleblower William Thompson? Our political leadership (Democrats & Republicans) is owned by the ESTABLISHMENT (BIG Pharma)!

SEE – Interview with VAXXED Producer Del Bigtree. 

Why have the FDA and Texas Medical Board been doing everything in their power to shut down the Burzynski Clinic, since 1976, when it has one of the highest Cancer Treatment success rates in the USA? Our political leadership (Democrats & Republicans) is owned by the ESTABLISHMENT (BIG MED) which does not want a Cancer Cure to destroy a $200B annual industry!

SEE – Burzynski – Cancer is Big Business

You can NOT rely on MSM to tell the truth.

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