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Revealed: The Truth About ‘Hillary’s Handler’

from Paul Joseph Watson:

Who is he? We now know the identity of Hillary’s handler.

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5 comments to Revealed: The Truth About ‘Hillary’s Handler’

  • Guido

    So, because Paul Joseph Watson tells us to move along now, we’re all supposed to just stop searching for the truth? There’s still valid questions about not only who this guy is, but also what his role is. And just because the Secret Service spokesperson says he’s one of theirs doesn’t mean he is. But evidently it’s good enough for Watson, as is the supposed name of this supposed agent, leaked from a supposed retired agent.

    There was a time when Watson encouraged people to question everything, but lately he sounds no different than an MSM hack treating us to the fairy tale of the day. Screw that, I’ll keep asking questions until I’m satisfied.

  • windrunner58

    Not to worry Uncle Guido, she will drop dead soon enough. There IS something seriously wrong with her, and he is assigned to protect her and keep her upright. Look at her appearance when she gets flustered. That is not the normal mean, vindictive, confident Hitlery. She is lost, almost transparent to look at. The She-Devil will collapse soon on stage and his real role will be revealed. Perhaps they are from the same Reptilian family…..

    BTW don’t be offended by the “Uncle”, my wife is Italian and she has an “Uncle Guido” 😎

    • Guido

      Same family? I doubt it, not even amongst reptilians. Different species, undoubtedly. Ya, she is showing her vulnerabilities, surely the reason this guy was assigned to watch over her. He disappeared for a while when there were too many questions being asked about him. Why, if he’s ONLY a Secret Service agent? What did they have to hide? Because he’s not what they claim. And now he’s back. And if he’s back, they obviously have reason to believe she’s unstable and needs him by her side. Anyone paying attention knows she’s unstable. I couldn’t even imagine her participating in the debates, unless they attempt to change the debate decorum to make them more Hellery-friendly.

      Not to worry, no offense taken by the name. You could have called be Aunt Guido. I’m sure there’s a few of those floating around.

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