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by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

We have recently written about how Angela Merkel in Germany has encouraged her citizens to begin stockpiling food and provisions to protect themselves in the event of an “attack”.

Since, in the last week, the US State Department has issued an updated travel warning for Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza strip as well as Turkey.

And now, just this week, Russians are being awakened by the deafening noise of emergency war sirens as a simultaneous “military combat readiness check” took place for Russian soldiers from August 25th-31st according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Vladimir Putin ordered these readiness checks in the Southern, Western, and Central military districts.

He is also moving naval vessels into key spots within the Black and Caspian Seas and has “combat alert” troops as well as aviation equipment positioned at strategic, tactical, airfields along the Ukrainian border, ready for the “containment of a crisis situation” to use his words.

A article highlights these moves by saying, “Fighter and bomber aircraft, as well as military transport and attack helicopters will carry out flights of between 500 to 2,500 kilometers” the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

On the other side of the Ukrainian border, globalist puppet “Porky” Petro Poroshenko has also been putting his troops on high alert after Vladimir Putin recently accused Kiev of “using terrorist tactics to try to provoke a new conflict to destabilize Crimea”.

As Poroshenko amassed $850 million in 2015 and became the only Ukrainian businessman to see his net worth increase that year, he promised the people of Ukraine he would “embed new traditions” and “sell his assets immediately after occupying the post”. He obviously never fulfilled this promise and the people have continued to suffer as they always do after the US and NATO bring “freedom” and “democracy” to a country.

Putin knows that with NATO and the globalist elites propping up Ukraine, subverting Syria, and putting pressure on him, they are trying to back him and his allies into a corner in an effort to incite retaliation and chaos. In fact, prospects of a nuclear war are probable enough in Putin’s mind for him to start constructing scores of “nuclear proof” subterranean bunkers capable of withstanding atomic blasts.

That Russia has been building these asylums under Moscow and the Ural Mountains since the cold war, shows longstanding preparation, but recent construction of more bunkers in conjunction with Russian air defense missiles being moved into Crimea, show that we could be on the precipice of a massive escalation of violence.

Putin says that Russia needs to “strengthen its defenses as an aggressive NATO approaches”. Just what sort of “crisis” or “aggression” is the Russian President expecting? Does he really expect things to escalate into a nuclear war? This pattern of conflagration and war across eastern Europe and the Caucasus region is nothing new to us.

We have watched as the Central Banking elites have used these incendiary war game tactics in an attempt to provoke armed conflict to further their agenda to consolidate global power and move toward world government.

And, they have been using their mainstream media programming to deceive Westerners into thinking that Syrian president Bashar Al-assad has been using chemical weapons on his own people when in actuality it has been their globalist arbiters of war like Killary Clinton and Barack O’bomber undermining Assad’s regime by supplying these noxious weapons to the so called “Free Syrian Army”.

While we don’t always agree with Donald Trump, one thing he said that we think is pretty accurate is “Obama is the founder of ISIS”. If by founder, Donald means supplier of weapons and materials then he is correct. We find it interesting that the terror group Al-Nusra formerly known as Al- Qaeda in Syria, works shoulder to shoulder with the US funded “Free Syrian Army” .

In war, the first thing to die is the truth. (Just look at this actual State Department briefing… they aren’t even trying to hide that it is obviously lies and propaganda anymore)

And what is occurring in Syria is no exception.

And perhaps the most glaring untruth out there is a statement of omission. Your average American has NO idea that any of this is even going on. In fact, for the last week, all they’ve been upset about is that a football player didn’t stand up to their special song.

As we near the end day of the Jubilee Year on October 2nd, most of the world’s major armies appear to be positioned. Even inside the US, Jade Helm never ended, it was just renamed UWEX and people have just gotten used to seeing tanks and other major military equipment being transported across the country.

Russia is preparing for an attack. Germany, too. It makes sense for you to also.

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