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NYC News Station Accidentally Reports Hillary Clinton’s Death

from TRU News:

News anchorman Joe Torres opened the WABC-TV Eyewitness News broadcast Sunday night with a statement which launched a thousand tweets, literally.

(VERO BEACH, FL) ABC’s ’flagship station’ began their live 6 PM edition of Eyewitness News Sunday by stating Hillary Clinton had died.

Channel 7 Eyewitness News 6 PM edition opening transcript:

“Good evening everyone, I’m Sandra Bookmen, and I’m Joe Torres. We begin with the breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death. Hillary Clinton’s doctor has just revealed that the presidential candidate has been diagnosed with pneumonia. And this after Clinton left the 9-11 memorial ceremony early, and was captured on video, appearing to need assistance and to struggle to stay on her feet as she was getting in to that van.”

Following the head turning report, which occurred only hours after the democratic presidential nominee’s NYC medical emergency, Torres and anchorwomen Sandra Bookmen continued the ABC affiliate news cast, ending the 30 minute block without correcting the opening error.

Adding fuel to the fire, Torres’ September 11th live statement aired without correction on one of the most popular television stations in the county, and at a time when Google searches related to Hillary Clinton’s health were already topping search engine analytics, a point highlighted by The Drudge Report on Tuesday.

According to the May 2016 Nielsen audience measurement period, WABC-TV extended its run as the most watched station in the New York market and the country, capturing a 3.3 rating/9 share (1 rating point = 73,683 Tri-State households) in DMA Households, Monday-Sunday Sign-On to Sign-Off.


Shortly after the Walt Disney owned stations live broadcast, a video clip of Torres’ statement — which appeared to be captured by cell phone — began circulating on social media.

Digital Media Commentator ‘DAHBOO777’, known for his research and affinity for subjects considered ‘fringe and conspiratorial’ by mainline outlets, published a video highlighting the clip and a screen shot of an apparent ABC article corresponding with Channel 7’s report.

Twitter user @Fixer_Guy, who is described in his profile as a ‘Navy Vet, Renaissance man, and constitutionalist’, uploaded the purported ABC article screenshot Monday night, which read, “Hillary Clinton reported to have died under hospital treatment at Montefiore Medical Hospital.”

TRUNEWS correspondent Edward Szall contacted @Fixer_Guy on Twitter Tuesday, to discover and validate the source of the screenshot, however the user was unable to provide any such information. Cache searches of ABC have also come up blank.

Addressing another aspect of the “conspiratorial rumors”, Edward Szall spoke with known professional Clinton impersonator, Teresa Barnwell, who is being accused online of ‘filling in’ as Hillary Clinton’s body double due to the candidates illness or death. On the September 12th edition of TRUNEWS, Mrs. Barnwell confirmed she was on live TV in Los Angeles at the time of Clinton’s medical emergency and subsquent reemergence outside Chelsea Clinton’s apartment.


Regarding Torres’ statement, TRUNEWS obtained a copy of the original TV broadcast footage from TVEyes, a company which provides an automated radio and TV broadcast information retrieval service. The footage matched the clip circulated by DAHBOO777 and other online commentators.

Confirming the validity of the error, John Stone, the Assistant News Director, Managing Editor, and Executive Producer for the WABC-7 broadcast, gave TRUNEWS correspondent Edward Szall this official statement on the matter:

“During a live introduction to a story about the health of Hillary Clinton, Joe Torres inadvertently said ‘death’ when he meant to say ‘health.’ It was clear from the context of the story, the reporters’ information and graphics on the screen that Secretary Clinton was alive and recovering.”

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