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No Pass for Julian Assange by Swedish Courts

from TRU News:

A Swedish appeals court decided to uphold the arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Friday, prolonging the six year long legal stand off with prosecutors and clearing the way for the Wikileaks founder to be questioned in London next month.

Assange, 45, is wanted by Swedish authorities for questioning over allegations, which he denies, that he committed rape in 2010.

“The Court of Appeal shares the assessment of the District Court that Julian Assange is still suspected on probable cause of rape,” the court said.

Assange avoided possible extradition to Sweden by taking refuge in Ecuador’s London embassy in 2012.

Assange says he fears further extradition to the United States, where a criminal investigation into the activities of Wikileaks is ongoing.

Per Samuelson, a Swedish lawyer representing Assange, said he had not yet talked to his client. “I assume we will appeal, it would be strange if we did not,” he said.


The court said the lengthy deadlock and the previous passivity of Swedish prosecutors in pursuing the investigation were arguments for setting aside the warrant, but there remained a strong public interest argument for it remaining in place.

“At present, continued detention therefore appears to be both effective and necessary so as to be able to move the investigation forward,” the court said.

Ecuador has set an October 17 date for questioning Assange at its London embassy.

Swedish prosecutors have said the questioning will be conducted by an Ecuadorian prosecutor.

The latest request by Assange to have the warrant for his arrest overturned came after a U.N. panel in February said his stay at the Ecuadorian embassy equalled arbitrary detention, that he should be let go and be awarded compensation.

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5 comments to No Pass for Julian Assange by Swedish Courts

  • Millicent

    Swedish court receives orders from Washington, the front for hidden shadow government.

    All you have to do is review what was done to Bradley Manning to know what is in store for Assange should he venture out of the Embassy. Manning’s offenses were minor compared to what Wikileaks has released… these are evil, vindictive, SOB’s.

    I said earlier about Assange: get a personal sauna and reconcile in your mind that these evil bastards will never stop chasing you. This is the path you have chosen to follow and as long as they are in control you will never shame them with the truth. You may embarrass them but until the people rise up in outrage and rid themselves of these parasites nothing much will change.

  • tomche

    Excellent points, Milli – and I agree. To me, Assange is a hero….as is Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

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