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No Hillary, That Wasn’t A Press Conference

Plane charade reveals EXACTLY why Clinton doesn’t speak to media

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

Ater making claims that she regularly talks to the media resulted in outright ridicule, Hillary Clinton’s campaign threw together a truly awful display with a ‘question and answer session’ aboard Hillary’s plane which abruptly ended after ten minutes when she couldn’t stop coughing.

While Clinton’s campaign will claim the debacle was a ‘press conference’, the first for 276 days, in reality Hillary answered a couple of softballs, basically called Trump a Russian agent and a wannabe dictator, claimed complete ignorance on the only question of any substance, and said she wasn’t interested in ‘conspiracy theories’ about her health before hacking up her lungs and scurrying off into the back where her handlers were waiting for her.

Hillary spoke about the claims that Russian government is seeking to influence the US election through cyber attacks and hacking. She immediately attempted to link Donald Trump to the alleged activity, again pushing her own bizarre conspiracy theory that Trump is some sort of agent of Vladimir Putin.

Clinton said it was “interesting that this activity has happened around the time Trump became the nominee” adding that it “raises even more serious questions about Trump.”

Look, he very early on allied himself with Putin’s policies,” Clinton claimed. “He seems to have this bizarre attraction to dictators, including Putin.” she continued before declaring that
it is “very clear [Putin] is quite satisfied with himself” over the hacking activity.

The “gaggle” of hand picked ‘reporters’ then asked some non questions like ‘will you close the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay’ – hardly a burning issue given the scale of scandal Hillary is mired in.

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