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MUST WATCH…Financial Apocalypse ON or BEFORE October 3 2016? – Bo Polny

from Gold 2020 Forecast:

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7 comments to MUST WATCH…Financial Apocalypse ON or BEFORE October 3 2016? – Bo Polny

  • philipat

    That’s strange. his last (identical) projection was for June, 2016. Before that was September 2015. SO the MO here seems to be along the lines of a broken clock in that he will eventually be right? Not sure that kind of advice is worth paying for?

  • philipat

    You changed my avatar!! And I LOVED that original one??????????

  • philipat

    IMHO this guy is a complete charlatan and I truly cannot understand why such sites continue to publish his ongoing BS?

    • GoldTooth999

      Is Bo even his real name? This guy is a bankrupt bum. Bohdan Stephan Polny has filed chapter 7 bankruptcy so many times for so many businesses like he changes his market predictions. This guy lies more than a liberal. When this charlatan is not fleecing precious metals investors, he is stealing money from the likes of Citibank.
      Bo stole over $100,000 from Citibank!

      • KRELL427

        About time somebody ripped off a bank.He just went up a notch in my book. Did he bang your wife as well?

        • GoldTooth999

          Did Bohdan Stephan Polny share the stolen money with his impoverished ex-subscribers? The ones who lost an enormous amount of money since their very first and only month’s worth of subscription. The money could have been better spent on freeze-dried foods and precious metals instead of bad predictions from a charlatan chiropractor. Bohdan Stephan Polny might be happily married unless his wife divorced him after so many chapter 7 bankruptcies and bad predictions for gold and silver.

          • philipat

            Indeed. And I’m not sure why anybody would pay good money to a bankrupt chiropracter for constantly changing predictions about precious metals?

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