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MUST READ: More Evidence of Ancient Thermonuclear Explosions On Mars At American Inst. of Astronautics and Aeronautics 2016 Space Conference

by Linda Moulton Howe, Earthfiles:

We have evidence on Mars of two big nuclear explosion at two sites and if you look at the map, those sites are directly upwind of Cydonia Mensae and Galaxias Chaos — meaning they were targeted on those areas.”
– John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D., Morningstar Applied Physics

Madison, Wisconsin – In 2015, a newly published book by plasma physicist John Brandenburg, Ph.D., was entitled,“Death On Mars: The Discovery of A Planetary Nuclear Massacre.” Sixty-three-year-old John Brandenburg received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Plasma Physics at the University of California-Davis extension campus at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California in 1981. His Ph.D. thesis was about magnetic confinement of plasmas for controlled nuclear fusion. For his book, he analyzed United States 1976 Viking spacecraft data about the Martian atmosphere as well as two Viking images of the so-called “Face on Mars,” that stares upward from a Martian highland in the northern hemisphere called Cydonia Mensae.

Between latitudes 36 and 40 degrees north in the northern hemisphere of Mars, this original Viking
Frame 035A72 upon close inspection shows this cluster of what David Palermo labeled
the “Face,” “City,” and “D&M Pyramid” (DiPietro and Molenaar).

In spite of NASA/JPL’s insistence that there is nothing to the Face except “a trick of light and shadow,” other scientists have done their own research since the early 1980s and concluded there are eyes, a nose, mouth, teeth and a horizontally striped Egyptian-looking headdress. Other scientists who have also studied the Face and are convinced it is not natural are Mark Carlotto, Ph.D., of The Analytical Sciences Corporation; electrical engineer Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar, computer analyst, who worked at the Goddard Space Flight Center; and cartographer Erol Torun at the Defense Mapping Agency in Washington, D. C.

These scientists have argued that the Face and nearby features of a large 5-sided pyramid and other structural geometries are the remnants of intelligent inhabitants long ago, not tricks of light and shadow.

D&M pyramid estimated to be 1.86 miles (3 km) on each of its five sides and .62 miles
(1 km) high in Cydonia Mensae complex with Face on Mars. Image by Viking 1, July 25, 1976.

Why Does Mars Have 2.5 Times
More Xenon-129 to Xenon-132 Ratio Than Earth?

John Brandenburg, Ph.D., plasma physicist, dug deeply into original Viking 1976 atmosphere data that showed the amount of xenon-129 on Mars was 2.5 times more abundant than the xenon-129 to xenon-132 ratio here on Earth where dozens of atomic and hydrogen bombs have been exploded since July 1945 when America first tested an atomic bomb at the Trinity Site in New Mexico’s White Sands Proving Ground and Missile Range. Then in August 1945, the U. S. dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended World War II. After that, there were many atomic and hydrogen bomb tests on Earth until the 1960s.

Originally as Dr. Brandenburg analyzed the isotope data on Mars, he decided the only professionally acceptable way he could report his findings was to hypothesize that on the red planet there could be a natural process that could have produced radioactive materials during meteorite impact explosions. But he discovered that natural nuclear reaction processes do not produce large amounts of xenon-129 isotopes.

Over the past year, Dr. Brandenburg has assembled more data to compare the radioactive isotopes in Earth’s and Mars atmospheres. In two weeks, John Brandenburg will be presenting his evolving research in a formal paper at the 2016 Space Conference organized by the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics, September 13 – 16, 2016, in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Other speakers will include the head of NASA and former astronauts as well as managers from large aerospace companies such as Boeing and a military manager from Air Force Space Command.

This is a significant step for John Brandenburg. The more he researched the more he discovered that NASA’s recorded high levels of radioactive xenon-129, Argon-40 and isotopes of krypton are not produced by nuclear reactors. An important goal of the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 was to eliminate the release of such radioisotopes into Earth’s atmosphere.

Further, based on American-recorded data of Earth’s atmospheric differences before and after July to August 1945 when the United States dropped the first atomic bombs and persisted with atomic and hydrogen bomb tests into the 1960s, the onlyexplanation for what’s observable in the Martian atmosphere and soil would be two large hydrogen bombs exploded in the atmosphere over Cydonia Mensae and Galaxias Chaos — date unknown.

In the Martian northern hemisphere, Cydonia Mensae is at 40.75° north latitude and 9.46°
west longitude; Galaxias Chaos is at 34.1° N and 213.6° W.  Dr. John Brandenburg
hypothesizes that there were many humanoid inhabitants like the “Face” that were
incinerated by two deliberate atmospheric nuclear explosions to enhance
the surface destruction at both locations. Graphic by John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D.

Grey circle (center) marks Cydonia Mensae near Acidalia Planitia and the far right grey circle marks Galaxias Chaos north of Elysium Planitia in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

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MUST HEAR: Mars Massacre : Linda Moulton Howe and Dr John Brandenburg

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