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Modern Medicine’s Most Lethal Death Trap

by Katy Whelan, The Common Sense Show:

We are being lied to.

One of the biggest, most insidious lies perpetrated on the human population is the lie that cancer is a death sentence and that chemotherapy is the answer.

It’s a lie so vast, so foul and so mind-numbingly evil that every time I hear it, my now cancer free blood boils over.

Cancer free blood because I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and chose to use all natural protocols. Unlike most who have gone the way of the lie with surgery, chemo and radiation, in 6 months I was cancer free and my body stands the highest chance of staying cancer free and I have a new opportunity to live a healthier life than ever before.

I chose to work with my body. Not against it.

You see, rather than sitting in the IV chair and having “mustard gas“ injected into my body and killing ever cell it comes in contact with, I chose to sit in an IV chair and have life saving high dose Vit C injected into my body and not only did it NOT KILL everything in its path, it enriched my healthy cells and killed the cancer cells.

It was my choice.

But here’s the rub. It was my choice because I was aware of another way. What I knew was a healthier way with a higher success rate. How many people know there are other highly successful options to conventional cancer treatment? How many people are aware that chemo therapy kills cancer cells but does not discriminate and it actually kills the healthy cells? That’s right. Every cell in its wicked path. And if you’re lucky enough to survive the chemo treatments, you run the high probability that it will return with a vengeance because the chemo did not kill off the cancer stem cells and it did killed all those beautiful healthy life giving cells that perform the one function that God designed to fight off cancer and those are the cells that comprise the human immune system.

In other words, the body’s fighting mechanism is severely handicapped. It is working blind with one arm and one leg tied behind its back and its shotgun barrel is empty.

So there you have it. The only main stream answer to cancer is a fraud. Are patients doomed by design or doomed for profit? Or both. Watch Dr. Peter Glidden give you the real story behind chemotherapy and why it is the ONLY treatment offered to an already frightened and desperate person who has just been told they have cancer.

Hint: Money

Listen to Dr. Peter Glidden explain how the chemotherapy industry robs our health and our pocket books.

I know this fear tactic used on cancer patients personally. The tactic of getting you in, diagnosed and scheduled with surgery and chemo before your current appointment is barely over. You are put on the high speed conveyor belt of one stop shop cancer treatment. The financial wheels begin to spin and fear is the fuel that keeps this profit engine running.

I could write a book on the fear techniques. The rapid speed in which the medical system shoves you through the process is breathtaking.

Thank God I had a background in natural healing, holistic health, and nutrition which in my opinion are the keys to the healing kingdom. Had it not been for this foreknowledge, I too, may have been chopped, poisoned, burned and emotionally and physically scared for life. Thankfully I have both breasts, a body that is healthier than it’s ever been and an awareness that cancer doesn’t scare me anymore!

If one is to choose conventional cancer therapies, that is their right. But what is equally their right is to be informed of other options before making this critical decision. I know, I know…a girl can dream can’t she?

One weighty factor in choosing alternative treatments is the “other” more silent partner in this incestuous scheme. The insurance industry. Big insurance partners with Big Pharma along with your physician and you come up short.


Because most alternative and highly successful cancer treatments are not covered by insurance and if they are, there is a caveat. In most cases, chemotherapy must be administered first before any approved alternative treatment will be covered.

A very close friend was diagnosed with throat cancer recently and she wanted to do Immunotherapy. She was told that her insurance company would not cover Immunotherapy until or unless she first had chemotherapy.

See how that works? Call me cynical but this isn’t rocket science. Heck, it isn’t even good medical science.

Everyone gets paid regardless of the insanity of destroying the immune system with chemo and following it up with Immunotherapy. Before her situation was even evaluated as to whether the combination would be the best course of action, the rules were set in stone as far as coverage, which is suspect to say the least.

It’s not about OUTCOME. It’s about INCOME!

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