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MISSING: $6.5 Trillion If Found Please Call – 1-800-Incompetent

from Junius Maltby:

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2 comments to MISSING: $6.5 Trillion If Found Please Call – 1-800-Incompetent

  • anon

    “MISSING: $6.5 Trillion If Found Please Call – 1-800-Incompetent”?

    Not incompetent. It’s a purposely KLEPTO-CRATIC PENTAGRAM. I’d like to know what they intend to use that $6.5 TRILLION for. The Pentagram, unfortunately, is run by the same Council on Foreign Relations that Hitlary Clinton and all the NEO-CONS work for.

  • Randy0302

    Agree with anon. Stop using words like incompetent or “feckless FED” or say, as Jim Rickards does, the FED people are really smart but they have “bad models”.
    All this is just a pass for fraud and crime.
    We should refuse to pay taxes until they “find” the “missing money”.
    Call blackwater and ISIS. Private armies are expensive.

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