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Make Austro-Hungary Great Again: Orban Unofficially Endorses Trump, Austrians Reject TTIP Ahead of October 2nd Elections

from Rogue Money:

Back on July 27, a few days after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban became the first and thus far only European Union head of state to unofficially endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States, RogueMoney’s Deb “BanksterSlayer” Caruthers published an article titled, “Fortress Europe Awakens”. In that article @BanksterSlayer touched on many of the same themes we’ve discussed the internal political struggle, which might even be called a Cold Civil War underway in Germany and other key European nations between Atlanticists loyal to Washington above all and those nationalists or at least pragmatists willing to go their own way.

This past week the French and German governments began to ‘put their cards on the table’ with respect to the geopolitical turn to the East that many new media analysts ranging from Dr. Jim Willie the Golden Jackass to The Guerrilla Economist to Benjamin Fulford had predicted. As Wolf Gray said in his article published this week at RogueMoney, the smoke signals are blowing to the east across Eurasia. Consider this past week when President Barack Obama was snubbed by the Chinese before the start of the G20 in Hangzhou. A Chinese official also berated Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan “blame the Benghazi attack on a stupid fake video” Rice for walking through a media rope line, telling one of her aides “This is our country, this is our airport, ok?”. As retired DIA analyst/Army Col. Patrick Lang noted at his Turcopolier blog, expressing contempt for the lame duck Obama and his entourage is contagious — the Chinese snub came days after the Turks snubbed Obama’s vice president Joe Biden by greeting him with the vice mayor of the Turkish capitol Ankara during his visit to Turkey.

The primary method for Paris and Berlin to send signals to Washington heretofore has been words, not actions — though both France and Germany signed up for China’s International Monetary Fund-replacing Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as soon as they could. In rejecting the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the ugly sister to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP – aka the Toilet Paper Protocols), the French and Germans finally demonstrated considerable backbone on an issue Washington had been forcing upon them against their people’s will. And not just in the passive aggressive sort of ways that the French and Germans have been undermining Washington’s proxy war with Russia via Ukraine through leaks to Der Spiegel and the seemingly endless Minsk 2 negotiations.

For once, the Franco-German axis at the heart of the European Union, without lame duck Chancellor Angela Merkel, flat out declared the TTIP dead on arrival through the end of Obama’s term. Unless Hillary Clinton is elected President and immediately betrays her promises to organized labor to renegotiate or block the pact, TTIP (pronounced tee-tip) is dead and buried. Even assuming the election of Hildabeast, the populist and business elites’ backlash against trying to push through a repackaged version in the dead of night would be fierce if not insurmountable. The Atlanticist Pact/Borgist Establishment’s triumph would be short lived. Since as we wrote last week defiance on the part of European politicians against the fast-fading Hegemon’s will is contagious, and since Germans and Austrians have been joined at the hip since before the German confederations united into an empire under Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in 1871, Austria being the next domino to fall on the TTIP funeral pyre is hardly surprising.

As Ken Shortgen Jr. wrote on September 3 for his To the Death Media column, Austria’s ruling SPÖ coalition, facing a big victory for the right wing Freedom Party (FPÖ) in October’s constitutional court ordered re-vote, is bowing to overwhelming populist opposition to TTIP:

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