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Ken O’Keefe Responds To The Claims His World Citizen Contract Is A Pyramid Scheme.

from The Richie Allen Show:

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14 comments to Ken O’Keefe Responds To The Claims His World Citizen Contract Is A Pyramid Scheme.

  • Eric

    I feel I must comment since I have been very disappointed in Ken lately.

    Not only did I never receive my perk (silver coin) for the donation I made to this cause, (even though I made several attempts to contact the guy who initially contacted me), but this is the first I have heard from Ken since the campaign/fundraising closed. I was supposed to get the coin in March if not April.

    I haven’t listened yet but will have to do so later. I won’t lose any sleep over the coin or the donation. But it just goes to remind me of how fast we’re going down the crapper, how little there is left to save, and how nobody does what they say they will do.

    Hopefully earth will explode like Krypton did. And this will all be just a bad dream.

  • willygroper

    dude looks creepy wearing his wounded childhood all tatted up.

    looks like a prison inmate.

    that alone affects my trust factor.

  • Jeff

    Same here Eric. Ordered a coin in April and haven’t seen it yet. No replies to my correspondence either. I think Ken is just a smooth talking fraud. Chris Duane got all bogged down with him too.

    • Eric

      I am glad I am not alone Jeff. There could be any number of reasons. Moishe made a good point. Perhaps the Jews threatened him.

      But I suspect keeping his word is simply not at the top of his priority list.

      I could really care less about the coin. I have plenty of others and have always accepted I got duped and have moved on. I was just disappointed since Ken has been such an outspoken critic of ZOG and the Greater Israel Project plan to dominate the world.

  • Millicent

    And you people jump all over me when I try to tell you that you are being conned…

    • Eric

      Aside from this one time, how have I been conned Millicent? Please share.

      First Mining Finance is up 10% today. Miners up nicely all across the board today.

      I make far fewer mistakes than I used to, and learn from them each time.

      How many people have you empowered and convinced they need to protect themselves?

      • Millicent

        You just haven’t figured the others out yet… time will tell.

        • Millicent

          The first part of the con is to get you to think that you are smarter than most everyone else… and that you have some inside knowledge about what is “really” going on. How many times have you called people morons or worse on this blog?

          Once you’re there then they have you by the short hairs.

          • Eric

            There’s a difference between intelligence and information.

            Knowledge is power. Something I have devoted a great amount of my time toward acquiring, and something you may want to be in search of more.

            But which other cons are you referring to specifically? Do you have some historical knowledge that contradicts that Silver has NOT been money for 5,000 years and is massively undervalued and underowned? Or that all of sudden this financial system and the US DOLLAR is now solvent and everyone around the globe now wants US TREASURIES?

            Some people are morons. That’s why I try to help them. Being viciously attacked does not persuade me to want to help them more.

            You’ll figure it out in your own way in due time. Or you won’t. That choice is yours.

    • Eric

      Also, can you explain why M2 Velocity of money is at all time lows and continues to sink?

  • jerry saylor

    If you listen to this interview there can be no doubt unless your flushed full of fluoride

  • willygroper

    most pathetic interview.

    his belligerent behavior displayed with ad hom attacks aimed RA leave me disgusted.

    repeated straw-man arguments…jmo, guilty as hell.

  • CalSailX

    Hell gentlemen I don’t have a dog in the fight. Having said that O’Keefe has always struck me as a mess. He starts off on the wrong foot, to control you need a contract. Without a contract between parties is deadly ground for a corporation to wander into unless they know rule of law need not apply…

    To be honest this is why I would love to treat corporations as people under “Common Law”… maybe we can’t hang a corporation, but we the people can demand it be dissolved or the jack offs that hold the incorporation papers refuse to act. We kill it by boycott, all that takes it getting the 80+ percent of women that control consumer spending to say my man means more to me then whatever you can offer.

    Women control the world they will live in! The sooner they realize that the better off we all will be… unless your a corporation that needs the old ways to still work. However I’ll say it once… if those women ever, ever understand the mind tricks that get played on them day after day. The TPTB have utterly no idea of the shit storm they just unleashed.

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