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Kaine Touts Clinton’s Stamina: ‘It’s Hard to Keep Up with Her’

from Washington Free Beacon:

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16 comments to Kaine Touts Clinton’s Stamina: ‘It’s Hard to Keep Up with Her’

  • d

    the court jester speaks,so ALL will know the fools in charge…wtf

    • CalSailX

      The CIA sock puppet says “what?”. As much as I hate the Clintons… Killery do you maybe think for just a moment that maybe you might croak almost as soon as your sworn in?

    • Eric

      It’s hard not to look like a complete boob if you’re running for vice president on the democratic ticket.

      As Joe Biden would say, “this is a bunch of malarkey.”

  • F16hoser

    This guy reminds me of a Joe Biden. Another Dumb-ass…
    Hillary has one foot in the grave. The world will be a better place once all Clinton’s and Bush’s are gone. You can add Soros, Kissinger Et al to the list as well…

    • CalSailX

      Damn it make no mistake, he’s been chosen. If you don’t believe it well just ask yourself just where the hell did this retard come from? He didn’t come out of no where he was as selected as OBUMMA.

      • KRELL427

        He’s a Jesuit.

        • CalSailX

          Not another one from GeorgeTown… my god do they think for a moment they can win a civil war? If your willing to die for YOUR natural rights, what makes them think for single a moment that defending my neighbors natural rights aren’t the line in the sand.

          Honestly I think some of these assholes look in the mirror and assume, this is how we all see the world. That in it’s self isn’t dangerous what is when the retards act on what they think they know of the people that surround them.

            • CalSailX

              Keep plowing on… if not for building #7 I’d still believe the liars. The hardest thing in the world I ever had to do is hunt up the man that told me it was all a shame, and tell his “HE WAS RIGHT!”and to his credit all I got was a little smile “Welcome to the club kid”.

          • AgShaman

            …..”defending my neighbors natural rights”

            ….should your neighbor be healthy enough to participate in a civil war.

            What they know…is that over half of Americana is so out to lunch brain dead, that they will accept tyranny, in all its masked forms…including mandatory vaccinations or whatever else they can conjure up to ensure that you will not be “at your best” when you are needed most.

            The CDC will be in your rear view mirror. They are not going away, and like all the other alphabet agencies, they think their powers are special…and your life does not belong to you

            • CalSailX

              If you don’t know who you can count on by now… you’ve wasted a lot of time. I don’t have a contract with the CDC, know if they wish to try to enforce one on me I can quantity that will turn out rather poorly for them… PR is everything, and god help those that can’t control every last bit of it!

              • CalSailX

                Honesty in my own life time I’ve been a member of a thousand plus confederation of people that have had a single purpose. Hell even back in those days we knew the who was there for the state. As long as they played nice they were never in any danger!

                I was grew up surrounded by “Peace Officers”, and by god I’d have given my life to protect any last one of them! How far have we come from that path?

                • AgShaman

                  I’ll drink to that brother. A toast to fellas like you…I’ve been toasting chaps like you all my life.

                  They are up #$%@ creek…considering how many of us have no plans in getting run over by dishonable ****s

  • tomche

    Almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard…

  • Sam

    “It’s hard to keep up with her” Riiiiiiiiight.

    Kaine’s slip actually means in handing her cough drops, water bottles, and syringes to keep that off-worldly freak alive?

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